Ing Mortgage


It is a digital, remote mortgage application service. ING Direct is well known for the upheaval in the savings market and is now questioning the mortgage market. All ING clients can request a mortgage on their cell phone.

Historically, obtaining a mortgage can be a laborious and time-consuming procedure. It is a distant mortgage origination services. Launched for the first part in Poland, then in Italy and Luxembourg, it is available on the sites of these countries. When the mortgage is given, only one date is necessary: the physical signing of the covenant. Walking with mortgage requests "remote" does not mean that ING will lose his personality mark.

Poles and Italy provide long-distance consulting on the website, where you can talk to a consultant or make videocalls. Luxemburg offers consumers the opportunity to submit their applications entirely autonomously. ING in Kararzyna Stawecka, Poland, said that they only receive good customer response from those who have obtained a mortgage through the new procedure.

"You like the remotes nature of the program and its quickness and ease of use. ING staff see our secure services as the best of both worlds. for them. You can process more mortgage requests without loosing the personality flavor of interaction with the customer. Clients do not have to go far to the next office, e.g. in Italy, where ING has only a small number of offices.

Since its launch in the second trimester of this year, 27 per cent of all mortgage applications in Luxembourg have been submitted on-line. Mortgage net promoter scores +63, the best NPS rating to date for ING in Luxembourg. As ING's activities are cross-border, other ING nations will soon be following the lead of Poland, Luxembourg and Italy.

Influence of ING on the Mortgage Market

ING Direct is well known for the upheaval in the austerity sector and is now questioning the mortgage lending sector. Then the Dutch banks stormed all of a sudden into the austerity store and grabbed news items and clients through the shovel truck with its "open, frank and easy approach". ING now has a client franchise of one million depositors, a decent saving ratio for everyone, no matter how much they invest, and three years later.

Now it' s turning a gaudy gaze on the mortgage subprime mortgage business, they say, a "straightforward" home loans. First, it provides a 4.95% fix interest for two years and then returns to its current 5.14% floating base interest rat. A £495 handling charge will apply, but the base charge will be returned on finalisation.

And as an added bonus for remortgager only, the evaluation and attorney costs are recovered for you even though you must use your own remortgaging services. And the second provides a floating mortgage with a floating interest of 5.14% and the pledge that this interest will always be less than 0.9% above the Bank of England's basic interest rates.

No handling or prepayment penalties exist and the evaluation charge will be reimbursed upon delivery. Initial purchasers must foot attorney costs, but remortgager can completely eliminate the evaluation and attorney costs. According to Motley Fool's mortgage benchmarking services, run by Motley Fool's third-party finance analyst money facts, Alliance & Leicester, for example, offers a two-year fixed-rate contract at 4.64%, while the Yorkshire Building Society has a three-year fixed-rate contract at 4.75%, although both have higher handling costs.

Reduced rate floating rate mortgage loans are even less expensive. The lower interest rate, however, will be more important for those who need very high mortgage amounts, as the differences in payment levels can be significant. For those who want a small mortgage, they may find that they like INGs simple formula, although I think it's a disgrace that the free attorney's fee offering doesn't work for first-timers.

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