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With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate does not change for a certain number of years. The RBS doubles the loan repayment. Hongkong: Key interest rates hike burden borrower strongly | Statement

Stresstest is an elevation of the mortgage interest rates by three percent points on applying. Assuming that each gradual hike in Hong Kong's key interest rates is 0.125 percent points, we could see an hike of the full percent point by the end of 2019. If the HKMA stresstest stays in place, a mortgage claimant will be confronted with a 1+3 percent test, which would be very onerous.

Mortgage selection

Choosing the right mortgage for your circumstance is an important decision - after all, it is conceived to be with you for many years. Fix or floating? By and large, there are two types of mortgages: static and floating. This means that the interest rates do not vary for a certain number of years.

Doing so will protect you from increases in rates, which is crucial if your paycheck does not meet a sharp rise in your projected rates. Floating interest loans mean that fluctuations in the interest rates of the world' s capital market can affect your interest rates from year to year. is that you will be paying less when interest rates fall, but you must have the means to make more payments when interest rates rise.

In order to fully appreciate the difference between mortgage option types, it may be worth asking a professional. Review charges When you compare mortgage rates, make sure you are aware of formation expenses, running expenses and any mandatory insurance. Make sure you fully appreciate the penalty for additional payment or early disbursement of your mortgage.

Where can I find the best mortgage for me?

Purchasing a home is an important choice - so when it comes to selecting a mortgage, it makes good business to know the choices. The Be Good at Money Mortgages Videos section describes three key issues to consider when purchasing a mortgage. These refer to the redemption method, the interest agreements and the degree of security.

To help determine the early stages of your decision to buy a home, check out the following videos. Next, the following question must be answered: How to repay the mortgage and credit. Mortgage payments usually consist of two parts: an amount that repay the mortgage itself (the principal) and an amount that covers the interest on the amount taken up.

A possibility is the choice of a so-called "redemption mortgage", which combined interest repayments and loans repayments in a unique business. Every three months, a small amount of the credit is paid back so that the credit is fully paid back by the end of the contract. A further possibility - referred to as a "foundation mortgage" in some parts of the globe - is to repay the interest on the loans each month and draw up a seperate capital expenditure schedule to repay the loans sometime in the near term.

There is more exposure to this second choice as it is possible that the capital expenditure schedule will not increase sufficiently to fully pay back the mortgage until the repayment of the credit. However, some creditors provide "interest only" mortgage loans where interest is payable during the life of the mortgage and the capital is usually redeemed at the end.

However, it can be dangerous for those who do not have the funds to repay the capital when it matures. It is not prudent to bet that you can repay the mortgage by profitably reselling your home. And the second big issue is how firm or how agile the interest should be.

An interest set - where the interest remains the same over an arranged horizon - may be appropriate for those who value collateral. Floating interest rates - where the interest rates may move during the specified maturity periods - may be appropriate for those with a higher degree of willingness to take risks.

Mortgage holders tend to tend to repay less when interest rates fall, but more when interest rates go up. As a result of the meltdown in the international economic downturn, interest rates reached extremely low levels, which may make it attractive to opt for a floating interest component. It is generally anticipated, however, that interest rates will increase as the recovery in the international economic environment takes hold.

This third big issue, says this Be Good at Money tutorial Video, refers to shelter. When a mortgage lender's earnings fall or a situation of distress occurs, mortgage payment can become too onerous. It is worth examining whether a certain level of cover can be integrated into a mortgage claim.

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