Instant Credit Cards with immediate Access

Immediate credit cards with instant access

Check out Martin Lewis' Top-Pick Balance transfer credit cards. From Emma Lunn Probably if you bought from a large retailer, you were given a loyalty voucher - and an incentive to open one - at the checkout. As well as providing credit, a loyalty customer may entitle you to receive promotional or discounted cash in the near-term. For example, the Debenhams customer loyalty cards have an annual percentage rate of 19.

"Loyalty cards charged interest between 27. 9 percent APR, more than 10% higher than the APR credit line mean of 17. 6%," says Andrew Hagger, staff financial analyst at Thereafter, the cards return to an annual percentage point of 17.9%. When you have a good credit, there are also cards with below-average interest levels - such as Sainsbury's Low Rate MasterCard at 6.9% and Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity Visa at 7.9%.

Historically, businesses often attracted buyers with immediate rebates on their purchase when they registered for a customer pass at the checkout - usually 10% of what they bought, an enticing offering for large buys. However, the new regulations adopted by the federal authorities in February 2012 mean that free gift items and rebate coupons will not be available during the first seven working days following use.

Loyalty cards still provide coupons and rebates that can be used later, but these are unlikely to be rewarded with higher interest charges unless you fully disburse your credit each and every months. The Topshop gives for example a 5 Euro coupon, which can be redeemed for a 50 Euro or higher sale, and a 15 percent discount on the coupon with the cardholder's first bill, which is used for a 80 Euro or higher sale.

One of the main problems with loyalty cards is that they can usually only be used in a particular business or retail group. If you are tied to a particular outlet or a particular supply line in order to receive rebates in return, the business could actually cost you more. If you have a Topshop loyalty cards, for example, you can go directly to Topshop the next times you want to buy a set of denim instead of making a comparative purchase.

You may have found that if you compared Topshop's rates elsewhere, they were more costly, even if a loyalty rebate was taken into consideration. If you remove a customer credit voucher, you must complete an order request and a credit check will be performed. Yet, sellers do not always tell people about credit searching and how this can influence their creditworthiness.

When you take out several customer cards, you have a large amount of available credit, and that could be a nasty thing if you later want to get a credit or request a home loan. So the more credit you have, the more you can go into debts, which means you can look dangerous for creditors.

It' gonna look even worst if you have a lot of credit on these cards. "A few folks can have up to half a tens or more loyalty cards that they don't use, but don't know how this can affect their credit status," says Hagger. "When you request new funding, the future new creditor will see from your credit file that you already have access to tens of millions of pounds of credit through these cards (even if you may not be using them), and this may affect your ability to decide whether or not to impose sanctions on further loans.

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