Instant Credit line

Immediate credit line

The approval of a possible increase of the credit limit depends on your circumstances. The Icici Bank has started an immediate credit line. The ICICI Bank today announces the introduction of an instant credit line that allows clients to purchase small tickets immediately and fully digitally and without paper. Designated'PayLater' by ICICI Bank, the system allows clients to make purchases on-line, settle invoices and immediately make payments to any merchant's UPI ID in real shops.

It uses the BHIM UPI 2.0 introduced technologies to grant clients UPI 2.0 credit for payment. The ICICI was the first ICICI banking company to join the small credit sector last year through a partnership with a large company, Finland. The offering is a further step in the Bank's drive to strengthen its leading role in the small consumer credit markets, which have the promise of growing in many ways in the near-term.

This offer is intended to allow ICICI Bank to allow up to a few clients to purchase a product of their choosing during this Christmas time. PayLater' is aimed at young and thousand-year-old clients who want everything digital and instant, even credit. It is available immediately for pre-approved and skilled clients up to 20.000 crowns as a guest area.

It allows shoppers to make immediate purchases on-line, including e-commerce pages, entertainments, traveling, and accommodations. Clients can also make payment in real transactions via PayLater using the UPI payment system. Speaking about the new proposal, Mr. B. Madhivanan, Group Executive and Chief Technology & Digital Officer of ICICI Bank, said: "ICICI Bank has a wealth of groundbreaking product and service heritage that has revolutionized retail lending in the state.

One or many clients who have not yet taken out a loan and therefore have no credit histories are looking for a short-term loan. Combining these two findings, we have developed a novel concept that allows short-term loans to be granted immediately. India's credit markets are expected to provide a trillion dollar chance over the next five years.

Against this background, we are pleased to launch "PayLater", an immediate credit line that enables our clients to make small tickets purchase immediately and fully digitally. Initially, PayLater' will currently be available for pre-approved and qualifying ICICI Bank clients. Clients can register for the setup via iMobile, the bank's portable bank client software.

Credit facilities, the amount sanction, the opening of the bank accounts and the use of the facilities are fully digitally and electronically processed and can be concluded in a few moments. PayLater' will use the new Big Data-based ICICI Bank algorithms to check the creditworthiness of clients.

It uses an intelligently combined array of algorithms such as credit bureau review, balances pattern, bank vaulting, etc. to determine a customer's creditworthiness. Depending on the qualification of the client, the bank can offer an interest-free credit line of up to 45 workdays. As soon as the credit line has been established for a client, a collective invoice is issued on the first of the following Monday, payable by the fifteenth of the same Monday.

Clients can pay back their fees smoothly by creating a direct debiting system with their bank accounts or just by making a bank wire via their online bank accounts.

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