Insurance Coverage


D&O liability insurance is often referred to as "follow form". indemnity Our lawyers and trial lawyers, with experience in all aspects of insurance coverage, deliver favourable results in challenging, litigious and complicated cases throughout California and wherever our mandates need us. Disputes regarding any kind of insurance coverage, such as general third party liabilities, director & officer, mistakes & deletions and household contracts, are handled by us in an interpreting and legal capacity.

Our services include advising you on complying with government requirements and managing insurance-related damage resulting from dishonest competitive practices. Our litigation practice has been successful in obtaining favourable results in coverage litigation in cases concerning building deficiencies, pollution, environmental restoration, supplementary insurance notices and the distribution of defence and compensation benefits between different insurance companies. Our expertise ranges from malicious allegations by the Beatles and Apple computers to litigation over mould coverage.

Our advice covers the processing of entitlements - strategy and notes, questions of good faith and cooperation, obligation to act in defence, obligation to compromise, infringement of contracts, entitlements of third parties subject to retention of title and good faith in the processing of entitlements. Further areas of our activity are sworn audits, compensation and recourse actions, insurance and reinsurance, insurance companies, insurance companies, insurance companies, insurance companies, insurance companies, insurance companies, brokers as well as insurance companies and insurance companies.

Recognizing our expertise in the business and the dedicated way in which we are sharing it, our lawyers often talk about current insurance matters, even before the Defense Research Institute, Continuing Education of the Bar, American Bar Association and Risk Insurance Management Society. The California Insurance Act provides a fundamental legal frameworks for insurance laws and large cases in California.

Concise yet high-performing, it travel well and is a great wallpaper for the problems insurance executives and people in related lines of business face every single day. What's more, it's a great tool for the business.

Versicherungsrechtskanzlei für Versicherungsnehmer | Insurance law practice | Practices & Industries

Based on our many years of insurance coverage expertise, our industrial insurance cover sales force offers demanding coverage in all areas of indemnity and accident insurance. Our main objective is to maximize the value of our clients' insurance portfolio in line with their operational goals. Katherine Henry is the head of our staff. Katherine Henry is a Chambers USA based policyholder.

Our services cover almost all types of damage and accident insurance available on the current markets. Our extensive expertise enables our teams to provide advice on coverage and risk related to utility vehicles (including UM, UIM and PIP), general business liabilities, criminality, cyber, director and executive, corporate liabilities (both government and private), mistakes and negligence, and occupational liabilities (including Owners Protective Professionals Indemnity (OPPI));

Liabilities for labour market practice; damage to trust; trustee liabilities; flooding, IWT, pollution and the environment; product liabilities; non-life insurance (including BI and CBI); titles insurance; workers' indemnity insurance; and post-insurance programmes (OCIPs and CCIPs).

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