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It's the Insurance Institute of America. the Insurance Institute of America, which is known as the IIA. IIL aims to raise the level of professional knowledge of those working in the insurance industry in London and supports members in their work. Hidden gem in the heart of the City of London, the Chartered Insurance Institute offers exceptional and flexible facilities for every occasion.


It is a program set up by the CII to promote and strengthen the insurance sector's roles in terms of gender and risks. Following a PwC strategy assessment, the new blueprint will make sure that CII will remain a respected business and that our goal and our visions are pertinent to the professional world.

Chartered Insurance Institute renews corporate identities

Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has renamed itself to establish and standardize confidence in the occupations it is serving. This revision follows a comprehensive strategy reassessment in January 2016, in which brands' hierarchies and architectures, vocabulary and identities were highlighted. With the new look, the aim is to unite the industry under a clear system with a "logical and streamlined approach".

It has also decided to modernize its slogan and translate its Roman slogan into "standards".

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Requests for referral may be considered on the basis of the following skills of this school. Your qualifying account will not be entitled to a bank wire if it is not included in the below listed or if you finished it at a different date from the one stated. For more information on how we define our eligibility lists, click here.

In case the vocational qualifications you were studying for were included in the QCF or SCQF at the moment of your graduation, we will use the creditworthiness and standard of your prior studies and not the one included in the listing of trade associations. In case your qualifications are not mentioned below, but were assessed by either QCF or SCQF at the moment of your studies, we can take this into account when making the transfer.

Presentations of the Insurance Institute of London

CII has carried out a large research study to find a useful way to measure confidence in the insurance business and provide a useful instrument..... Click here for the Insurance Institute of London Journal, issue 2018. Graham Denny spoke about the disastrous fire at the Grenfell Tower and its effects on the British and international insurance industries and other interested stakeholders in this speech by the Insurance Institute of London (IIL).

Last year's catastrophic nature catastrophes had a significant effect on the Lloyd's and London insurance market. Rory Percival's presentation on the Insurance Institute of London (IIL) presentation on FS gave participants a better insight into what the new PROD framework is about, why it is important and a proposal to fulfil their commitments.

Geoffrey May described the dangers of using battery power and which battery models present the greatest risks in this real estate presentation by the Insurance Institute of London (IIL). Chartered Insurance Institute analyzes the insurance industry's sex wage differential and advises members on how to address it. Sharon Sutton FPFS spoke about the last taboo: our relation to him, our love for him, and our love for him.

Property Investors Bill Tucker presented the latest approaches to fire hazard management in the corporate world following the move from regulatory law to one involving hazard evaluation. Charles Newitt spoke about the roles and functions of the London Air Ambulance (LAA) as one of the rescue agencies that support London on a day-to-day and larger incident by day base.

Mr. Benn also spoke about some of the risks and security issues associated with the operation of a hub in the centre of London and the associated education.

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