International Bridge Loans

Bridging international loans

An indispensable workflow tool for lawyers with an international focus. Is it possible to get an international bridge credit? It is not only the UK that has seen an increase in bridge credit requirements, we also see customers asking us if they can get an international one. In view of the high-calibre occurrences of the past year and a relatively weak euro, however, customers are anxious to benefit from this position. Releasing capital on a piece of real estate that would otherwise stay idle opens up a whole range of possibilities for investments.

There is definitely strong momentum as we recently used up the whole of a lender's portfolio of loans in Europe. What can Enness do to help bridge international credit needs? Is there a need for international bridge building at any important sites? There has been a significant rise in enquiries for Mallorca with customers wishing to purchase and development hotel and deluxe property in Palma.

Further important sites are Portugal, Dublin and mainland Spain. At present, these areas offer the best opportunity for international customers and private equity firms to take full benefit of a previously unexploited financing opportunity.

credit lines

And our capability to leverage our best-in-class asset class, M&A and business cultures means that we provide our customers with a decisive edge in event-driven and multi-stage financing. We combine our bank expertise with industry leaders and advice on a broad array of recent highly sophisticated and sophisticated deals, ranging from event-driven financing, bonds and equities issuance links, restructured financing, revolving credit, and changes and surrenders to complete restructuring.

Funding of projects in the field of renewables

Whilst investment in renewables has grown steadily over the past ten years, faster economies of scale are needed in emerging economies to achieve the objectives of global warming and sustainability. In the field of renewables, especially in emerging economies, multifaceted issues from the institution, political and regulative levels up to the markets and markets levels are facing major obstacles to the deployment and use of renewables.

This includes insufficient visibility of the business, missing funding and expertise in developing and implementing software as well as missing information on regulatory issues, business and resources. As a result, there has been a shortage of eligible banking properties, making it harder for an investor to find desirable properties and thus reduce available funds for those willing to be funded.

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