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Mortgages are subject to availability. The Internet Plus Bank Display the Which Account (s) Can You Introduce? State-supported services that allow you to upload 12 month long transaction files in a single easy to use file for comparison of cost and benefit of different banking account types. Register with Paym and you can pay anyone who has registered with you using only their cell phone number.

You will use our app so that your payments are quick and safe.

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Make making excess payments could mean that you are saving cash in the interest and you can be paying your mortgage off faster. If you have had your mortgage for at least 6 month, you may be able to modify it - e.g. apply for the name of the borrower, the duration or an extra loan.

When you have a Bank of England mortgage tracking facility, changes in the Bank of England's key interest rates influence your payments each month - our tools can help you assess these effects. When you have had your mortgage with us for at least 6 month, you can take your mortgage with you when you move.

Cables are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (except on public holidays).

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The Barclays Mobile banking application lets you make simple and secure changes to your online transactions and view your mortgage data. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments. Forgot your access data? When you have a mortgage with us, you can review the data and make changes in online or via our online bank application - even if you are not a banker.

On-line banking allows you to make some changes to your mortgage, but the changes you can make vary depending on the mortgage and your situation. After registering, you can view all the important mortgage information on your phone or your web browser.

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