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Fiscal effects in the financing of real estate development, investment and trade. The Octopus Property Group is a leading UK real estate lender. British commercial real estate refinancing.


For 30 years or more, our teams have been assisting individuals and businesses to make real estate investments. There are two main factors that can make investments in real estate, be it housing or business, appealing. First, traditional house prices in the UK have generally outpaced the rate of rate of inflation since the end of the Second World War.

There are times, of course, when property values have necessarily dropped, but even taking these factors into consideration, overall investment returns are very attractive. Second, of course, renters who pay rents can offer a good flow of revenue, either just to fund mortgages and/or to deliver "undeserved" incomes. Over the years, some specialist lenders would loan up to 70% or 75% to prosperous lenders who could bear the risks of default (periods without a tenant), and the credits were granted at 2-3% above the banks' basic interest rates.

It was in 1996 that the Association of Residential Leasing Agents (ARLA) introduced the term Buy To Let (BTL) after the last fall in real estate prices, when ARLA re-introduced the idea of investing in housing for a broader public with the help of mortgages lenders who had built up a wealth of experience in dealing with rented property that had been compelled to take possession of so many people over the last 3-4 years.

BTL has become an extremely attractive investment field for new lessors since 1996 and many have developed significant property portfolio over the last 15 years. An increasing number of lenders entered this "specialised" area, which quickly developed into a stream area inhabited by many lenders who have no actual knowledge of, or are not exposed to, the disadvantages of such loans.

Increasingly attractive as the markets grew, spreads rose up to 0.5% above Bank Base and loans to value policies were extended. Due to the entry of all lenders into the markets and rivalry for shares of the markets, lenders have significantly loosened their credit terms, in some cases lent up to 90% of a sales value or rating.

It is understandable that in such a foamy real estate price run at the end of a 15-year Taurus, many lenders and borrowers were surprised by the financial meltdown and ensuing decline in real estate valuations, and before interest fell to the new highs we were enjoying from February 2009, many lenders and borrowers suffered damage - in fact, such imprudent borrowing resulted in the end of some lenders' times on the real estate floor.

In the meantime, the markets have reverted to the conventional "norm", namely 75% maximal credit granting with higher profit margin than for owner-occupied houses. Few lenders are still active in the credit markets, but our story of bringing good borrower quality to lenders means that the door remains open to our customers when they are closed to others.

Our customers believe that housing is still a good long-term investment, and they continue to ask for resources to buy more property before price rises again. There is no control over your choice to buy or not to buy a property, but once you have approved the investment property sale, our staff will be able to help you find the most suitable financing on the property finance markets.

Financing real estate commercially is a much more complex than the BTL one. However, the TMM group has been active in real estate financing for 3 centuries, so we should be able to find the most appropriate conditions for your business financing, either for you as an investors or for the profession of your own business.

Our company has the necessary relations with a large number of lenders active in industrial financing and refinancing, who cover all types of real estate, be it offices, factories, retail units or recreational companies, doctors' surgeries, residential homes, schools, etc. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate corporate mortgage loans and most purchases of rental mortgage loans.

You can repossess your property if you do not maintain your repayment of your homeowner' s guarantee. Sesame Ltd. does not handle business related issues. Please call 020 7930 7242 to talk about your present or prospective need for your home security. Typically, your brokerage charge for a home is 1.5% of the amount of the homeowner' s homeowner' s homeowner' s homeowner' s loan.

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