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Real estate loans held as financial investments

Mortgages financing / investment real estate loans Springtide's competent consulting staff is able to assist in the search for various financing options for residential property, buy-to-let real estate, second houses and cottages, farmhouses, industrial property and new development. The Springtide Capital Group is a fully autonomous brokerage firm with full exposure to the entire mortgages markets. As a company and as an individual, we have cultivated our relations with retail and corporate banking to make credit choices that may not be possible through other avenues.

In an age where mortgages are becoming more and more difficult to obtain, our expert mortgages agents and dedicated admins strive to make the process of funding or refinancing your property as fast and straightforward as possible.

Real estate loans held as financial investments - Helmsley Group

More than 35 years of real estate financing expertise means we know the problems you face when constructing and designing real estate. Proud of not having a fixed claim template, we use our expertise to evaluate each business separately to evaluate profitability. Loans are funded through our retail investor base and no banking loans are needed.

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Special peer-to-peer credit and real estate financing products. Investment/Property Partners is a premier real estate investment consultancy, providing advice to UK and international property owners. This is the only way to make an informed choice about whether peer-to-peer credit is right for you or not. Are you interested in peer-to-peer loans & P2P real estate financing?

Exactly what is peer-to-peer credit? Investment is a direct investment of funds with a private person or a company wishing to take out a loan without using a banking establishment, savings and loan association or other type of financing institute. You' re investing your cash through a website that provides peer-to-peer financing and there are several that are now on-line, with ever-growing numbers.

Therefore, many approach p2p as another way to conserve cash and achieve a better ROI. What is the concept behind peer-to-peer? Yet the brainchild is that an entrepreneur, company or real estate development company will use a B2B vendor to obtain a credit, while the investors will use the same vendor to make it easier to lend directly to companies and entrepreneurs.

When you are an Investor, you have to choose how much and how long you want to spend.... generally for a set amount of time - maybe one, three or five years for example. When all goes well, you should get your first down payment plus interest by the end of the investment year.

When you want to invest in real estate or developer investment then look for peer-to-peer real estate professionals rather than the more generically P2P vendors. Practitioners of peer-to-peer real estate also tend to hedge loans against real estate, which reduces both the investment risks and the returns.

Currently, it is possible to achieve average investment levels of over 5%, according to peer-to-peer operator and duration of investment (simple 3 and 5 year access). They can also usually make fairly small investments - you don't need £100 s or even 1000s to make an investment... with some operators who require an initial investment of at least £10.

The majority of renowned peer-to-peer companies have methodologies in place to help prevent losses and minimize risks. Do you think peer-to-peer is right for you? You should not use peer-to-peer credit as a first point of contact for your life insurance needs. But if you're debt-free, open to some sort of pecuniary venture, and fully understanding what's being proposed to you, you're welcome to help property buyers, property development companies, small business owners, and even individual buyers, and potentially get a higher interest level.

Investment Property Partners, a premier real estate investment consultancy, offers its customers competent consulting and assistance in achieving their investment goals in all of our areas of specialisation.

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