Is Experian Safe

Experian safe?

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com/privacy/experian.html Please be aware that since August 2009 the ASA has been of the opinion that I was right with my claim, i.e. that Experian tried to disguise the fact that I signed up to be charged on a recurring basis, i.e. not a free sample.

In 2005, Experian was for the first time fine for this practise - it is good to know that they continue the company's traditions. Hello, after clicking on an ad that offers a free Experian loan report, I took it upon myself to take full advantage of it - to make sure nothing unusual was going on in my name. As I entered my data, I received the following notice (copied from your website):

â Why do we need your map data? Your badge is required to validate your ID. When you decide to remain a member after your free 30-day probationary period, your Prepaid Member Account will be invoiced £6.99 per month. You can see that the registry text is designed in such a way that the users believe that Experian needs their cards data for the solvency checks, not so that they can be settled on a recurrent base.

After checking my credential bill, I was shocked to see that Experian had billed me several times for a plan I never knew I had. In no way does the above notice indicate that the User's Credential Account will be billed after 30 consecutive business hours and every 30 consecutive business hours.

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