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Credit report free of charge Credit report free of charge

Caution - Knicksen you (callcredit) the "free" credit review, which is not in order. Callcredit, which carries out credit assessments, is in the midst of establishing a "new" firm named Noddle. You say that the object of Noddle is to offer FREE credit check. You will be directed to Callcredit - although they repeat warnings / assurances that they know you sign for "FREE" cuddling.

In order to verify the ID, you must enter the credit cards data. I didn't accept my Mastercard (PrePay) (I should have quit then), so I unfortunately used my debit cards! Please note that I have not given my consent to store the map data. More than a weeks ago I found out that Callcredit had taken £12 from my £12 credit balance.

It seems they will keep doing this unless I get them to quit (or delete my card). Noddle. I e-mailed Noddle - no answer. Other Complaint - Reminder - Who received an excuse from Kirsty, with the instruction to call "Callcredit" as it was probably my own fault, but I accidentally logged in with them (Noddle verified their link before posting).

The next morning - Another answer (My grievance was pretty strong) from Gill this once, although she obviously had no clue that Kirstly had already answered. Oddly enough, their answers/blame assignments were exactly the same person in every single one. Meanwhile, my e-mails to Callcredit were just ignored. Freitag - Rebecca answered at Callcredit - asked for a copy of earlier post and answers from Noddle - so she could "investigate".

Tonight - Got answer from Kirsty at Noddle. Excuse me - but (I fool) I must have entered Callcredit without using the right links (irr.... NO). I have now sent an mail to both of them - with unsubscribe commands, removing detail and confirming action. Just got an e-mail this second from Kirsty apologizing for my move from Noddle.

She' s assuring me that the call credit will do the same. Do NOT register for "free" credit checks via Noddle (or Callcredit in this case). You will take cash from the cards that you make available - and you will continue to take it every month until you realize the losses.....

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