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The NASCAR Sprint Cup Phoenix: And Harvick won to win the game.

In Phoenix, Kevin Harvick secured himself a place in the podium, with Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin and Ryan Newman joining him. After winning the last two successive trips at the Phoenix International Raceway, Kevin Harvick was the weekend's favorite in the Quicken Loans 500 prerace to win another win - and most notably a place among the last four who will be fighting for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championships at Homestead-Miami Speedway next Wednesday.

In fact, the Stewart-Haas Racing pilot did not disappoint: he took the front spot for the first consecutive round on 44 and then led 264 of the 312 rounds of Sunday's midday event, eventually traversing Line 1. "It was a fantastic place for me myself and for this year' s team," said Harvick as he claimed his forth victory of the year and his 6th victory at Phoenix from a combined 27 wins over 501 Cup entries.

" In the points this weekend, Harvick had hit the bottom of the eight pilots remaining in the pursuit of the 2014 Championships, as he knew he had to actually clinch a victory here or give up his hope of claiming the crown. Last place ended with a dramatically last run from Richard Childress Racings Ryan Newman to non-chase fighter Kyle Larson: This sole advantage in positions was enough to overtake Newman on points ahead of Hendrick Motorsports' Jeff Gordon, which meant that Gordon had retired from the competition along with Penske's Brad Keselowski and Joe Gibbs Racings Matt Kenseth, even though all three riders finished this week's event in the top four.

Not only did Denny Hamlin enter the round level on points, but he also had the benefit of winning the podium in Friday's Qualifying. Quickly he had gotten used to a comfortably early leading ahead of the other Chase colleagues Harvick, Logano, Kenseth and Keselowski, with the Busch brothers Kurt and Kyle next.

Ryan Newman, on the other hand, who had already dropped from his starting positions to finish second in the standings on Sunday's weekend in front of 25%, was the worst, far away from where he had to clinch a place in the last four line-ups for the championship in the next week's finals.

It was Logano who had the early led and took the early lead just before the day's first precaution in round 26. It was Logano who kept the leading position for the re-start ahead of Harvick and Kenseth, but Hamlin fell to thirty-fifth place after being coerced to the ditch a second round, a shallow right back tire that gave him a whole new hill to scramble up to a point of transition.

It was Harvick's turn to take the early lead again on round 44 and retire more than six seconds over his Stewart-Haas Racing teammate Kurt Busch, who had risen ahead of Logano, Gordon, Kenseth and Keselowski. The man who was really on the move during that sprint, however, was Newman, who dug his way out of his former pocket by driving past Carl Edwards and finished thirteenth on round 80 when Casey Mears blow ed a tire and turned into the dogs legs and grazed the inside walls to highlight the second precaution of the moment.

Compared to Newman's stunning advance, Hamlin had come to a standstill in road travel and was still in position 29 - and even worst, he had been overtaken by the stewards. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was briefly ahead of Harvick, who had taken a full four-man pack, with Gordon, Logano, Kenseth and Busch making up the remainder of the first six, followed by Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski for the 87th round re-start.

It was Harvick who immediately regained the #88 advantage, with Logano and Kurt Busch both quickly finding themselves back in second and third place respectively. Fast precautions against rubble on the front stretch means Hamlin got the free clearance back to the leading round, but he was still twenty-ninth, while Jeff Gordon dropped back to nineteenth after being one of the few guides to decide on a stop this year.

Harvick, Logano and Busch stayed ahead for the re-start on round 100 and until the next rubble rejection on round 123, where most of the riders were back on the garage-street. However, it turned out to be an expensive call for Logano, who was punished for having dragged his petrol pot out of his pits and been sent to the back of the leading round as runner 26 in the first round for the 127 on.

Harvick led the way on the verdant banner ahead of Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth, who were strengthened by the rapid work of their JGR mine crew to protect them from Kurt Busch, Brad Keselowski and Martin Truex Jr. Denny Hamlin, who still made no headway and was again overtaken by Harvick, remained burdened by the danger of being fogged up in midfield and Joey Logano in position 22, just before the fifth precaution of the stage on round 184, caused by Austin Dillon slower on the circuit with a front right front tire.

It was Harvick who kept the leading position at the following boxing stoppages, followed by Kyle Larson, Brad Keselowski, Kurt Busch, Martin Truex Jr. and Jeff Gordon, with Matt Kenseth finishing 7th ahead of Ryan Newman and Kyle Busch for the 191 remainder. While it was running on points at that time, Harvick, Newman, Gordon and Keselowski were ready to switch to the Homestead playoffs.

It was Logano back in the leading round after receiving a free ticket from a rubble rejection in round 201, and Hamlin also profited when Josh Wise ruined in round 208. As Kyle Busch broke away under Truex, turned around from 6th place and joined Clint Bowyer on the way there, the #15 was set into the face in round 2 in round 212.

Several other riders subsequently took on some damages, such as Logano with a tire abrasion on the back of the #22 on the leftside, and the rubble leave by the shipwreck was large enough for NASCAR to drop a short four-minute pink banner for cleaning.

Harvick, Larson and Keselowski were still responsible for the re-start in round 200, with Kurt Busch falling back to rank four after scrapping the face in round 2. Hamlin and Logano were on their way back to the top and proved themselves again to be one of the four riders who, along with Harvick and Newman, temporarily scored points in next week's finale, but the scene changed from moment to moment, just stressing that nobody could call themselves safe.

" Johnson's output was planned so that everyone was in their box windows, and so they came down the box street properly, Harvick kept the lead over Gordon, Kenseth, Earnhardt, Larson, Busch and Hamlin, who all took only two tires, while Brad Keselowski in 10th place was the first to choose four tires.

Returning to the race was retarded by a 10th warning for Jamie McMurray, who spun in lap 2, and when the race was restarted with 64 rounds to go, it was with all eight chasers now in the top 12, although Newman was quickly pushed back to rank 16 after the verdant colours that again seriously endangered his place in the last four.

In spite of the #31's loosely handled #31, Newman began to scratch his way back up and was ranked #14 when on round 287 a warning was issued for rubble on the front straight. Harvick, Gordon, Keselowski, Kenseth and Newman were the front runners who decided not to fall under the spot, but when the circuit turned verdant Newman promptly dropped back to 9th place before the yellow tones came out again after Landon Cassill and Mike Wallace had contacted and ejected.

At the next re-start, seven of the Chase participants stayed in the top ten - only Carl Edwards kept a firm position 21, but the heavy run of the remainder of the Chase grid was also very poor for Gordon, Kenseth and Keselowski, who despite having run among the top four didn't have the point edge they needed over their competitors to move on to the final of the year unless they pushed Harvick out of the race for the final victory - which seemed impossible.

Kyle Larson passed Ryan Newman for eleventh place with seven rounds left, which meant that Newman would now miss the green and Gordon was back again; Newman crashed and put everything he had into the reversal of the scene, and when the warning signal came out, he was able to slide the #31 past him to regain the losing spot in the last turn of the last round, which broke Gordon's hart even though the #24 was second.

Last week's Texas crash with Keselowski had caused the four-time champions to pay a very high price, as had team-mate Earnhardt, who led him to victory in Martinsville the previous Sunday. Keselowski at least didn't get any better because the 2012 champ together with Kenseth and Edwards also retired from this year's hunt.

Harvick certainly had many good reason to party on the road to success. On Monday, he and the #4 SHR squad will have to concentrate on the challenge that awaits them in seven working days, when the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup will reach an exciting culmination in the final of the winning Take All Series Final, where either he, Hamlin, Logano or Newman will be named champions.

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