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Bridging Jumbo | Bridging Finance, Large Bridging Loans, Investor & Introducer Opportunities Financed directly by UHNW owners, family offices and real estate hedge funds, we have an infinite resource of funds for your investment or plan. We are looking for a bridging credit that makes economic sense, so that we can help even if your request does not match the observed standard bridging financing parameter, if it makes economic sense. A bridging credit is a credit that can be used by our clients.

Due to our special credit profile we provide a quick and individual approach with the best offers on the bridging financial world. No matter what your interim financing needs may be, Jumbo Bridging offers the right solution for your unique needs while making sure that customer needs are fulfilled in the most convenient way.

We also advise on high capital hedge funds and venture capital for major bridging financings. Our offer: Bridging of credits available on any asset: plots with or without plans, hotel, pubs, office, housing portfolio, industry, farms, plants, stone pits and rivers. OUR JUMBO BRIDGING'S EXPERIENCED CONSULTING STAFF OFFERS ITS CUSTOMERS CUTTING-EDGE EQUIPMENT, CREATIVITY AND INDUSTRY EXPERTISE SUPPORTED BY PROFESSIONALITY, HIGH STANDARDS AND PERSONAL SERVICE.

USE OUR WELL AS OUR OWN EXTENSIVE NET OF HIGH NET WORTH PRIVATE CLIENTS, FAMILY OFFICES, HEDGING FONDS AND THE WHOLE MARKT, IF NECESSARY; WE ARE ANXIOUS TO FINANCE YOUR PROJECTS, EVEN IF THE BANK SAYS NO. The only thing you have to do is simply take the business to us, and if the collateral assets meet our credit requirements, we can grant you a credit.

You will be working with an expert and committed financial expert on an individual base. At Jumbo Bridging we provide creative and industry expertise supported by professionality, high quality services and people. Historically unfavourable loans and terminated insolvencies are no obstacles for us in safeguarding your loans, as not all financing packets necessitate a solvency assessment.

Proud of our open and easy licensing procedure, we are proud of our wealthy shareholders. Keep up to date with jumbo bridging, the latest breaking stories and specials and more.

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