Jumbo Bridging Loans

Iumbo bridging loans

The Jumbo Bridging is the UK's leading provider of all major bridge financings. Bridging Jumbo | Services | Bridge Financing Loans Bridging finance is offered for one of the following asset types. The least used type of financial instrument is probably short-term financial, or to use the familiar word bridging financial. Bridging loans can allow quick and easy accessing to funds with a minimal of paperwork. Interim financings can be used in various situations, such as renovations - purchase of run-down real estate and its subsequent renovation and sale in a timely manner.

The Bridging Fund can be used for any legal purposes, such as the acquisition of real estate for investments, working capitals, the freeing up of own funds, the fulfilment of orders and similar obligations. The conditions and interest rate quoted vary depending on the amount of financing needed and the credit duration, but begin at only 0.75% per annum, in many cases interest payments for an arranged timeframe can be "rolled up" into the credit.

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Whilst many bridging financiers can argue that they are offering a truly wide range of finance services, few do so at the jumbo bridging stage. Jumbo Bridging, as its name suggests, provides funds to invest in both developing and buying quality loans, so that both bridging borrower and developer can benefit from the financing solution they provid.

Jumbo Bridging's ability to make credit available does not stop it from taking quick action when needed; Jumbo Bridging can pride itself on an extraordinarily short reaction period and has even been able to bring in and save 1.8 million pounds of Docklands in just 24hrs. Jumbo Bridging has strong connections within the banking industry, so this bridging financier is able to offer its clients the best services on the credit markets.

And Jumbo Bridging is one of the few creditors to offer loans to Scottish clients, as many City companies only grant loans to real estate in London and the area. Offering such first-class solutions, it is clear why Jumbo Bridging provides an asset management experience that allows high net wealth private clients to benefit from Jumbo Bridging's outstanding trade execution.

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