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Four-card credit card case with solid inner pockets with card slots, ideal for credit, travel, business or oyster cards. Training Points from Juniper Networks - Juniper Networks Incorporating the appropriate education into your networking solutions will help you get the most out of your Juniper Networks investments - higher levels of productive efficiency, lower networking expenses, content levels of engineering personnel, and the benefits of increasing the deployment of state-of-the-art technology. Buy your Juniper credentials now and get the most out of your Juniper ecosystem - where it's much simpler to achieve higher levels of efficiency and content with your engineering people.

Juniper Networks Education Points What are Juniper Networks Education Points? The Juniper Networks Education Points are a purchase methodology for Juniper Networks education. You can redeem them at Juniper Networks Centers or at any Juniper Networks (JNAEP) authorized participant partner around the world. You can redeem your credit for all open enrollments, ILO, face-to-face, on-site, or on-line courses, courses delivered by Juniper Networks authorized education partners, and certificate examination coupons.

These apply for ONE (1) year from the date of original sale. Your chosen course must start before your credit expires. Juniper Networks credit must be denominated in U.S. dollar (USD). Please consult your Juniper Networks reseller or Juniper Partner to find out how many Juniper Networks Training Credits you can earn.

Review Juniper Networks Juniper Networks offerings and deployments on your ecosystem, any improvements you're considering, and assess your annual learning needs. The Juniper Networks Education Credits can be ordered directly from your Juniper Networks customer service representative or from one of our many Juniper Partners. It' easy: Stage 1: Work with Juniper Networks or your Juniper Partner to calculate the number of credit points you will need over a 12-month time frame.

Stage 2: Buy your workout credits from Juniper Networks or your Juniper Partner. Stage 3: Register for or buy a Juniper Networks Education Center or JNAEP course within 12 months, use your course points as a means of paying, and begin enjoying the course. The Juniper Networks Education Points are a comfortable and effective way to acquire and administer your education needs.

With them, you can boost your production efficiency and enhance your networking while securing your workout budgets and tracking your workout spending.

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