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Fund your farm, whether you need to finance new farm equipment, buildings and land, feed and livestock, or current working capital. Fair Finance founder Faisel Rahman questions the company's ethics. A loan is often secured by pledging land or buildings.

in Wongaland, how to make a money on paying day loan.

The way and the way funds flow is the way to define our present culture, society and economy. There will be 7 million in the United Kingdom, I will say it again, 7 million without banks. This means that they have no direct debit facilities, they have no means of borrowing, and I believe that this is a systematic breakdown of our private customer system.

But 7 million humans must be living this life every daily in the United Kingdom. And because our administration has opted for thrift as a key policy, many more folks are fighting to make ends meet by paying the bills, rent and the monthly purchase bill. As a result, payday credit is a 2 billion pound transaction and therefore we see a venture-backed company like Wonga coming onto the scene.

The Wonga is a money-raising system that extracts cash from unaffordable municipalities and passes it on to risk-capital providers who anticipate substantial return on their investments. Wonga in June increased the default interest rates quoted on his website to 5.853% annual percentage points of charge, which led to fresh demands from poor people to limit the costs of short-term loans.

Thus someone who borrows 200 for a Wonga monthly loan usually pays back 270. Thus let's say in a hypothetical way, you are at your nearest banking institution for a loan, perhaps for a down on your new automobile or house, that you are advised that the annual interest rate is 1500%+, what would you say?

The following is an article by Faisel Rahman, creator of Fair Finance. Fiance also lends to those who have abandoned the bank, but they want to help the local community. What, talkin' cash? What payday brings profit: The payday loan firm DONGA posted 1 million pounds gain per weeks for 2012.

With 5500% APR for each of its 1 million loan last year it is now the largest payday lending institution in the UK. It is not alone with many other payment day companies that report rising sales and earnings over the past 3 years. WONGA Chief Executive Officer Errol Damelin explains that he hardly believes that a loan of 200 pounds will get anyone into difficulties.

Repayment of loans: The majority of those who take out a payday loan make refunds using their credit cards. For this purpose, the Memorandum of Understanding they are signing is referred to as the Continuous Payment Authority (CPA). They are widely used by utilities, retail stores, hotel operators, fitness studios and credit institutions. This gives the trader the ability to withdraw funds from your bankroll using your credit cards and allows them to withdraw funds from your bankroll in the near term.

During 2009, the Act was amended so that if you tell your institution to reverse your purchases, it must do so. In the event that the deposit taker still allows you to make withdrawals from your deposit box, the deposit taker must return them to you and pay all fees and expenses. However, since 2009, however, bankers have not always been applying these regulations and have falsely claimed that they do not hold true for a particular transaction made by a paying company, even if the creditor deducts more than an amount from your current balance to meet that transaction.

It has been suggested that it is the liability of payment day creditors to suspend payment. From 2009, the Feds on the one hand (the bankers who take care of your banking account) and the OFT on the other (the creditors who use the CPM to take your money) have been arguing that it is the other who is in charge of protecting you.

It'?s not your purse: As soon as you take a payday loan, it is not possible for you to stop them taking cash from your checking accounts. It is not possible to reverse the payment and your institution will allow the company to resume it. When you wanted to stop payment, you'd have to shut your giro and open a new one!

I worked with an analyst in a paying company who said the US patent is illegitimate. The company in which they have reinvested in the use of the Clean Development Program (CPA) generates about 80% of their profit. One of the banks I worked with said that they knew that many of their customers' customers' payment companies "pinned" up to 50 x a days to give them a good shot at having some cash in their bet.

So, how do WONGA and other payment companies make out? It is not just the interest rates, it is the fact that they can hardly ever loose their cash. payday mortgages are not inexpensive and there are many nasty things about the business and how it works but it is clear that they are useful for some.

Personally, I suppose you would only know and appreciate the problem of the Clean Development Partnership (CPA) if you were in the business or had actually taken out a paying day loan. In January we presented this proof to the Audit Committee and were encouraged that the FCA made it clear that repayment of payment day loans can be reversed if you tell them that you are appealing to the banks that close this hole and give legal notice to those who have been paying fees since 2009.

Now, the big issue is: Will anyone do anything useful and initiate a collective lawsuit to find out how much of the GBP 22bn taken out of the account by payment day creditors over the last 4 years should not have been?

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