Large Bridging Loan

Big bridging loan

case-studies We specialise in all kinds of large bridging credits. Let us help you securing a new real estate with an intermediate loan. Usually our staff arrange bridging credits of £50,000 and more. We have a straightforward arranging procedure, and since we work with a wide range of bank ers and commercial creditors, we can usually help if you are outside the usual interim financing requirements.

Bridging credits can be arranged for your home and any other real estate for your capital expenditure, as well as high revenue multiples if needed. We can provide interim financing of asset sourcing, which includes real estate purchases, auctioning, site acquisition, refurbishment, payment of taxes and rebates. Taking into account housing developments and business properties, plots and developing plots (with or without zoning approval), we can broker a loan on either a first or second fee-base.

The Bridging Financing is financed directly through our relation on the markets. We are looking for the bridging loan that makes economic sense, so we can help even if your request does not match the observed standard bridging loan parameter when it makes economic sense. Bridging loans are available from our financial backers in the form of a bridging loan. What is a bridging loan like?

There are no specific rules governing the bridging of loan and/or financing issues by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Major development and bridging loans, £1m to £1bn - KIS Finance

A member of the staff works exclusively with shortterm, medium-term and long-term institutions, comprising more than £20 million. What makes you a committed unit for large-scale plants? The majority of bridging creditors who offer 100,000 also like to finance over £1 million of credit lines, many of which offer up to 5 million, some of which are willing to give more than that.

There are, however, specialised creditors who do not make available credit sums of less than £1 million. Most of them actually have credit minimums between 5 and 20 million pounds! We have a large committed facilities staff with the necessary expertise and the necessary connections to work in close collaboration with these specialised lending institutions.

It also allows us to find and arranging the best possible shortterm and long-term financing facility for large loans over £1m and up to £1bn.

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