Largest Mortgage Lenders

Biggest mortgage lenders

Which banks in Croatia were the largest mortgage lenders in 2016? On the basis of a 2016 survey of 5 Croatian mortgage lenders, Zagrebacka Banka was the largest mortgage financier, followed by Privredna Banka Zagreb and Addiko Banka Croatia. The mortgage loan portfolio of Zagrebacka Banka amounted to HRK 16,263 million, after HRK 17,329 million in the previous year. In historical terms, the Bank's mortgage lending peaked at an all-time high of HRK 20,007 million in 2012 and at an all-time low of HRK 3,838 million in 2000.

By the end of 2016, mortgage lending accounted for 20.1% of Zagrebacka Banka's credit portfolio. In comparison with its closest competitors, Privredna Banka Zagreb's mortgage lending at the end of 2016 totalled HRK 10,063 million, Addiko Bank Croatia HRK 5,120 million and Istarska Kreditna Banka Umag HRK 265 million.

In 2016, the Croation bank lending industry granted HRK 50.4 million in mortgage credit, 12.4% less than in the previous year. In 2016, Zagrebacka Banka thus represented 32.2% of the sector's mortgage lending, the highest ranking enterprise. While the top 3 enterprises account for 62.3% of the total, the five largest enterprises in 2016 represented around 63.0%.

On the Mortgage Credit Indicators page you will find all bank information on mortgage credit or you can go to the Reports section to view a copy of a brochure on Croatia's mortgage credit system.

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For the fifth time in a row, it is on CML's top 30 mortgage lenders in mortgage volume and balance overdue. In 2004, there was a decline in mortgage loans to corporates of 68.1 billion, compared with 70.3 billion in 2003. An Abbey had 25 billion mortgage loans in arrears, with a 8.6%hare.

In June, however, credit was still 9% lower than the 28.2 billion in the same period last year. Home buying credits rose 20% to 11.9 billion in June from 9.9 billion in May. Among home buying credits, the number of credits granted to first-time purchasers fell to 27% from 31% in May.

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