Largest Online Mortgage Lenders

Biggest online mortgage banks

We' re running one of four British mortgage companies. We' re running one of four British mortgage companies. We have redesigned credit for some of the UK's top bankers, home loan and savings associations and lenders and launched the groundbreaking challenge bench digitisation approach. Comprising the largest financial institution to the latest cutting-edge financial disruptions, our omni-channel mortgage distribution and origination technologies enable all lenders to provide world-class mortgage experience.

With LendInvest reaching 500 million pounds financing mile stone

During the first of the new year's weeks, LendInvest closed a 5 million pound London deal, bringing to 551 million the sum it has loaned to contractors buying, building and renovating real estate across the UK. Exceeding this credit target strengthens LendInvest's standing as one of the country's largest online markets.

More than 10% of all UK peer-to-peer credit has gone through the LendInvest since its launch in May 2013. Now LendInvest is lending over 22 million a pound a months and last year alone financed more than 1,200 new or renovated homes. LendInvest co-founder and CEO Christian Faes (pictured) commented:

"Online loans and short-term real estate financing are largely interoperable industries. This great mix has made LendInvest a fast-growing and highly-profitable business. "NONBANK credits are beginning to attract serious interest from short-term borrower and their broker who can see how well they work for them.

"Mortgage markets in the near future are also appealing to online lenders. Hypothecaries are generally much bigger than the online median lending; and our credits last between a single monthly period and several years, and create a financing instability and liquidation lag. LendInvest was the first online borrower in 2015 to post a second year of stellar sales and profits in just two years of trade, receive the world' first ever B2B lending rate in Europe, and secure the UK's largest FinTech Series A round - a 22 million pound stake from a publicly traded China based tech group.

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