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A platform that includes Guidewire's industry-leading ClaimCenter system. Might this be the top mortgage bank? Borrower call their top lenders, Halifax relauncht cash-back and the remortage booms continue - in this fortnightly mortgage updates. Might this be the top mortgage bank? According to a new poll, bausparkassen are leading when it comes to providing services and value for money.

Which?'s client survey of 3500 clients to find out what they thought about lenders and the Principality Buildings Society came in first, with 80% of clients saying they had no mortgage issues.

At 77%, First Direct and Nationwide ranked second, while Virgin Money (76%) and Coventry (75%) ranked top five. As David Hollingworth, mortgage analyst at London & Country mortgage brokerage firms, says: "We have a tendency to find that borrower are much more concerned with making the right business for them than with thinking too much about whether the borrower is a large or a smaller home loan and savings institution.

Findings from this poll may help encouraging borrower openness towards smaller lenders, but should not preclude larger actors. In the end, borrower are interested in value for money product with good customer support, and in today's highly competetive environment, lenders at all levels have worked harder to improve their play.

The Halifax has re-launched its 1000 pound cash back offering for first-time purchasers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who closed before 4 November 2018. Meanwhile, £250 can be refunded to clients of REMORTGUE. British mortgage growth continues, with the latest data showing that 46,900 new mortgages were closed in the previous months, 23.1% more than in the same period last year.

It was £8.7bn from remortgaging, up 26.1% more than in the previous year. Meanwhile, 31,400 new first-buyer mortgage loans were concluded in July, only 1% more than in the same months last year. Mr Jackie Bennett, Director of Mortgage at UK Finance, said: "Housing re-mortgaging experienced its worst July in over a decade with home owners anticipating the Bank of England's recent interest rates hike by entering into lucrative floor rates.

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