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Fraudulent credit page alerts But it also seems to create possibilities for those who want to make a living from people's poverty, with many being forced into the huddles of Internet fraudsters. Statistical evidence suggests that the number of cheated individuals trying to lend online has increased sharply. Applying for a credit, he provided his own data. Northern Ireland Police (PSNI) have informed him that he is a target of cheating. Doherty says that the fraudsters are well organized and usually have their headquarters abroad and therefore outside British jurisdictions.

"Police Organized Crime Branch is acutely conscious of a variety of recent cases of frauds against individuals at risk.

The Cobra Payday Loan (Clone) FCA

Nearly all companies and persons providing UK finance must be either licensed or incorporated by us. The company is not incorporated by us, but has approached persons in the UK claiming to be an authorized company. That' s what we call a "cloning company"; and scammers usually use this strategy when they come into contact with humans out of the open, so you should be especially careful when you have been coldly intimated.

You can use the name of the real company, the company name, the company name, or other information. Learn more about this fraud and how you can defend yourself against cloning companies. Note that the fraudsters may make other incorrect statements or merge them with some accurate information about the authorized company.

The company, approved by the FCA, for which scammers claim to work for them, has no reference to the "cloning company". The company is licensed to supply UK finance and has accurate information: It is strongly recommended that you only talk about our authorized finance companies and review the Registration for Credit Institutions and the Registration for Intermediate Consumer Credit Authorizations (link is external).

They contain information about companies and persons who are or have been subject to regulation by us. When a company is not listed in the register but is claiming this, please call our consumer hotline on 0800 111 6768. And there are other things you should do to help prevent unauthorized companies from doing business. Also, you should be cognizant that if you give funds to an unauthorized company, you will not be eligible for the Financial Ombudsman Service (Link is external) or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (Link is external) (FSCS) if something goes awry.

So if you believe that you have been targeted by an unauthorized or clustered company or have been compromised for fraud, you should call our consumer hotline at 0800 111 6768. They can see more ways to notify an unauthorized company and find out what to do if you have been cheated. Should you believe that your authorized company has been compromised or that fraudsters are using your name or other information in a fraudulent manner, please call our company hotline at 0300 500 0597.

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