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The Candace Parker assists sparks in the routine of Liberty 79-57

Candace Parker had 23 points, 10 bounces and four assist for their 9th doubles of the year and Los Angeles Sparks took the title defender Minnesota Lynx 79-57 on Thursday evening. From 15-7 on Los Angeles (16-11) was leading with at least eight points. In Minnesota ( 15-11 ), the score was kept to its lows since 2011.

Chélsea Gray scored 18 points and nine assist for Los Angeles. Fowles was leading Minnesota with 14 points. But Maya Moore was kept on eight points in the 4 of 7 shootings. Natalie Achonwa added 13 points, and Indiana (4-23) had a seasonal - height 13 thieves. Cambage had 37 points and nine setbacks for Dallas (14-13).

Roberty won his first battle against the Snoopers' Charters.

"Policing and law enforcement need instruments to combat serious criminality in the modern era - but the creation of the most obtrusive monitoring system of all democracies in the globe is illegal, needless and ineffective," said Martha Spurrier, Director of Freedom. In early 2018, Labour MEP Tom Watson, representing Liberty, then successfully saw the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) become illegal.

After the Watson case was successful, it may come as no surprise that the Snoopers' Charter retained information was contested and afterwards made unlawful.

The Browning B525 Liberty Light has been rated by Sporting Gun Magazin.

Pricing as discussed: Though Browning has been producing a light series for some considerable amount of now, this new supplement is breaking the mold due to some new and thrilling features. This would also be suitable for younger and smaller marksmen of all age. I would rather have this over my arms as a weapon for walking and harsh firing times than to carry my normal hunting rifle.

The test was conducted with the help of Rose Thomas from Kibworth Recoting Ground, a skilled markswoman. I have fired many different weapons in my lifetime and I have to say that this is the first light weapon I want to own.

lt gave me a "liberating" one. I am a big supporter of 21g cartridge and would probably only ever use this charge with this weapon. It was a little pushy in the 28' and not really what I would use for women or new archers.

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