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Explore what it means to be a financial advisor. Finanzberater - What is the difference between tied and independent? Face-to-face finances can be a scary topic and many turn to a consultant to help. Are you aware of the distinction between a linked broker, a multi-tied broker and an independant accountant? You can see from the name that a contractually bound intermediary is usually directly engaged by a banking or insuring group.

You can also be self-employed, but "tied" to a business. To be a linked broker means that the consultant can only consult or offer you if he offers goods of the enterprise that uses them. It can be restrictive that even if there is an alternate, better quality item, the agents cannot tell you.

Note that the intermediary is likely to fill his earnings with commissions or performance-related bonus. While a proxy probably works for a banking or home savings institution, he can help you with selling or advising on more than one company's product. However, they will be restricted to a small number of suppliers with whom the employers have a financing agreement.

Just as with a linked broker, the linked broker's remuneration is usually charged with a fee or a performance-related incentive. Even though a larger selection of items is offered, the offer is of course still restricted to those specified by the employer's commercial agreements. Like the name implies, this kind of advisor is independant and as such can recommend or offer you a product from any finance company.

It is important that you do not have to make a commission-based investment decision with an independant advisor, which means that his payments do not have to be related to the product he sells, but that he gives you the opportunity to make a charge. They are impartial as freelance consultants and can truly make sure that they choose a product that truly meets your special needs and is not affected by their own particular goals or employers' relations.

Acting on your name, they will give you personal writing explaining why they recommend certain goods or certain service to you. Remember that some folks may appear to be a career consultant, but unless they are authorized by the FDA, you would be smart to consider using them.

In this way, for example, you have an authorized advisor with whom you can gain direct insight into a complaint and redress system if something goes astray. One company can provide different advisory tiers for different types of finance product. It may, for example, provide mortgage services from the whole mortgage portfolio but provide insurances from a restricted number of suppliers.

Part of the FSA's RDR (Retail Distribution Review), it is likely that in 2012 the different kinds of advisors' advisory services will shift to include independently provided advisory services, reduced advisory services, streamlined advisory services and core advisory services. This makes it more clear whether the advisory service is provided independently or is confined to a small part of the relevant part of the relevant product area.

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