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All credit cards

Almost everyone knows Visa, MasterCard and American Express when it comes to credit card networks. Sometimes, only sometimes, the creativity of the credit card is well received. Ranging from maxed-out to minimted - 5 movies payed by credit card.

And if so, maybe you can join the credit junkie community that went bankrupt to bring their dreams to live. Sometimes, only sometimes, the credit card's creative power is well received. Here they are, Hollywood's list of credit-driven creative people who took all the risks but ended up reaching the big picture.

Ordering one of the biggest audiences on this list, Spike Lee put himself at the top end of what could be termed an "underdog," but on the other hand it's still not an easy task to film with a $185,000 movieudget. When his first round of fund-raising was good enough, Lee's shot soon ran out of fuel and he was compelled to reach deeply into these bags.

Lee maximized his cards and finally finished the work. However, with his believers and investor to your satisfaction, you would suspect that Lee was anxious. By the time the movie was released in the cinemas, the amount of cash he collected soon burned a hole in his pocket. That' s how the fighting actor Robert Townsend felt when he left the everyday rehearsal chain and chose to make a skit movie about his predicament.

He began to beg cameramen for remainders and ended up taking on the assignment of convincing humans not to work for anything, with the wobbly pledge of a prospective payoff. Fundraising also had to be done without a yield pledge, which, as any fund executive would tell you, is a slap on the wrist and rubbing your belly tight.

Therefore, when no one just gave him out the whole $100,000 he needed, he maximed out that credit from his. But, as you can imagine, everything went well, with the movie generating a 5,000% ROI, which, as any senior investor would tell you, certainly hits hell over an ISA.

When it was released in 1994, the Kleriker feature showed us a great deal. And it has also covered over 100 times its own budgeted amount, which, as we know for sure, is going very well. Twenty years later, with Clerics II in his pocket, Smith is still making movies. Whilst working at the rental shop, which would end as the prime shot of the picture, Smith had a screenplay, no cash to spin it, and ten credit cards.

Certainly, he was selling his cartoon library and receiving a small contribution from his wife and daughter, but when he wasn't tired yet, he looked at his purse and credit cards and tossed them around a bit. Even though Smith was in huge indebtedness, once shut up with nothing to rescue him except a movie that, ironically, is about no-hopers without ambitions.

Fortunately, the caseworkers finally moved on to earning over $3 million in till revenue, which means that Smith, now a celebrity, could repay these invoices with money in hand. Sin City filmmaker Robert Rodriguez brought a small footprint into new, uncharted depths with his first full-length movie in 1992.

Rodriguez put his corpse on the line engaged in experiential drugs attempts to lift half of his account. Made up the remainder of his household by playing off his credit cards. In fact, Rodriguez was so thrifty that he underbudgeted his first venture with $1,775. This is a small savings when you consider that the movie grossed over 2,000,000,000 dollars.

Usually, when two movie studends want to make their way through the glazed roof, they have to make improvisations. Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez went far beyond this by moving their movie into a "forest" and seeing the enemy as fundamentally unseen. However, as any sage man will tell you, in order to achieve a million per cent ROI, you must first make an initial outlay.

In order to finance these expenditures, credits seemed out of the question, as bets on a first-time indies movie are about as smart as bets on the bright future of the world. However, their credit cards companies had no such concerns about these quotas. Jump two years forward and your $22,000 bill has risen in revenue of $248 million at the evening till.

Imagine if they had put a similar amount of cash into a saving bank, they would have had to spend more than 350 years waiting for a similar yield.

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