List of Credit Cards to Apply for

A list of credit cards that can be applied for

The 10 Best Travel Credit Cards for Malaysians in 2016 Frequently people will ask: How can we allow ourselves to go business class or how can we benefit from airport lounges free of charge or free room updates in 5-star hotel rooms with every trip? Although most of the benefits come from our regular guest programmes, having the right credit cards will spoil you with suchleges!

It is very useful for most travellers who do not need to spend a lot of time travelling, but still want to take advantage of special offers when travelling. These are the list of the 10 best credit cards that can be applied for in 2016 if you are a traveller and the ways to take full advantage of them. In addition, cardholders at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur & Starwood Dining Privileges will receive up to 50% off F&B, complimentary insurance if airline tickets are purchased with the pass, free green fees for 71 golf courses in 13 different nations (17 clubs in Malaysia & 54 international clubs).

Redeem the lowest airline miles, 50% F&B discounts at Shangri La KL & Starwood Dining Privileges, free travel insurance and free Golf Greenfees. Drawbacks: High RM180,000 claim entitlement to apply for annuity, American Express not generally acceptable in Malaysia, No Airport Lounge Benefit and RM80,000 expenditure for annuity exemption.

The majority of credit cards are reserved for the best banking clients who earn more than RM100k per year, so normal people are not eligible to apply. Maybank 2 Gold Cards only require RM30k per year to enroll with a free lifelong disclaimer, however, earn 5X Treat Points on all American Express Card transactions except government spending, educational institutions and insurance companies that redeem from RM1.49 per 1 airline mile.

The Maybank World Mastercard is the prepaid frequent flyer smartphone that gives you unrestricted priority pass entry to over 850 global airports and lounge areas, making your flight much more convenient. If you use a World MasterCard to make payments at any of the Asia Pacific member destinations, World Mastercard offers free Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status to holders after just one overnight visit.

Annuity dues are quite high and the expenditure ratio of 120,000 RM is laughably high to get by. Complimentary 50,000 Treat AirMiles on registration, Treats AirMiles that never end, free Hilton Premium Club membership cards, free Priority Pass membership cards with unrestricted entry, free SPG Gold status, Starwood Dining Privileges & free Golf Green Fees to enjoy in 17 clubs in Malaysia and 54 international clubs.

Limited only for the Enrich Miles redeem, no other option for the carrier. There are high annuity charges and high income requirements of at least 180,000 RM to be met. The Ambank Visa Infinite is one of the cards we like most. First, the map is free for a lifetime, with no annuity charge, which always appears on high-tier maps.

Holders are treated to free entry to the Premium Plaza Lounge at 23 Malaysian and foreign airport locations, with 3 foreign editions of the ticket for each. It' s not advantageous for locals, but a different tale when it comes to foreign expenditure. Receive 5X AmBonus points for every RM1 that redeems airline miles at only RM1 per 1 mile.

In addition, card holders receive a free Hilton Premium Club membership card entitling them to receive Hilton hotel discounts in Malaysia and up to 50% off meals at all Hilton hotels in Malaysia, Thailand and China. The best of all is that Visa Infinite card holders receive Free Hilton Gold designation, which typically involves 20 stay placements and includes privileged early check-in, delayed check-out, room upgrades and even an executive lounging service.

Repayment instalment : The application requires an annuity of at least 150,000 RM and a low mileage course for locally incurred expenses. Just like its siblings, the Ambank World Mastercard is another great deck you can own. Ambank Visa Infinite & World Mastercard offers almost the same advantages - free admission to the Plaza Premium Lounge at 23 Malaysian and foreign airport locations with 3 issues abroad, 5X Ambank Bonus Point for international issues, mileage redeeming at RM1 per 1 mile and free Hilton Premium Club membership cards for discount fares at Hilton hotels in Malaysia and up to 50% discount on food at all Hilton hotels in Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Discrepancies are that the Ambank World Mastercard will require a lower annuity of RM100,000 to be applied for, and instead of the Hilton Gold status, World Mastercard will offer card holders the free Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status after just one night's residence if they use a World MasterCard to make payments at any of the participant Asian Pacific destinations. The SPG Gold is less precious than Hilton Gold because it does not have executive-level entry available mainly to Hilton Gold members.

Because both Ambank Visa Infinite and World Mastercard are free for lifetime, why not use 2 cards if you are eligible to take advantage of the Hilton & Starwood Hotel advantages? Repayment instalment : The application requires an annuity of at least RM100,000 and a low mileage course for locally incurred expenses. KrisFlyer American Express Gold is one of the quickest ways to collect Krisflyer mileage in Malaysia, especially at a lower starting price of RM 48,000 per year.

In addition, the map provides free, unrestricted entry to the Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia, making it an excellent choice for travelers. When you reach RM60,000 issues in one year, you will earn twice as many as 100,000 mile per year. Credit points usually have a life of 3 years and after conversion into your airline affiliate program the mileage will have a life of 2 or 3 years again.

Annuities : Repayment is restricted to Singapore Airlines only. The points are automatically credited to the Krisflyer balance, which shortens the lifespan of the mileage. UOB Preferred Platinum offers 6 free per year lounges in Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia with a monthly RM500 free of charge for the last 3M. Only 48,000 RM per year are required to apply for this ticket.

Annuities : A low requirement of 48,000 RM of revenue per year for applying for the ticket. With no other advantages, it exorbitantly high UOB points at the mileage conversion rates and required at least RM500 expenses in the last 3 month to take advantage of the value. Citibank's Prestige Cards are the Citibank's cream of the crop cards and are designed to provide memorable adventures for their discerning clientele.

Having an average of at least 200,000 RM a year, most individuals are banned from their cards. However, if you are in this category, you will be treated to a free Priority Pass that offers unrestricted worldwide airport lounge entry, KLIA's Compliance Ride Home by drawing your ticket three foreign time and presenting the tickets along with the Citi Prestige ticket at the Citibank Airport Limo Priority Stand,

Players receive a free Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status update, free greens at over 2,400 locations around the globe, perpetual, non-expiring Citi Rewards Points, and 200,000 Citi Rewards Points at registration. Repayment rate : Unrestricted worldwide lounge access with Priority Pass, free KLIA return journey with 3 ocean transit deals, free SPG Gold status, free of charge Gold Golfees, non-expiring Citi Reward Point, disadvantages.....:

A very high minimum of RM200,000 per annum applicable, very high Citi Rewards points for the airline bill of exchange, and RM1,000 per annum year. The Cimb Enrich World Elite Mastercard is one of the highest level CIMB cards with an annuity of at least 250,000 RM. It is limited to redeeming accrued mileage at a single rates of 2 to 1 RM mil for locally issued issues and 1 to 1 RM mil for foreign issues.

Holders have free entry to the national and global Malaysia Airlines lounge when they fly with MAS. Given such high demands on the use and promotion of the highest animal ticket for all CIMBs, it is quite a surprise that the ticket is almost as useless as it seems. Yearly expenses of RM1,000,000,000 are required to forego the RM1,288 annuity fee.

Restricted entrance to the lounges if you are traveling with Malaysia and not with other carriers. Honestly, even if I am entitled to apply, I will not deal with such minimum advantages when Maybank or Citibank High tiered cards provide so much better advantages. Because it is on this list, it is still better than other cards that are not on it.

That way you can see how useless other cards are. Annuities : RM1,000,000,000 expenses to get a royalty exemption. Limited only for the Enrich Miles redeem, no other option for the carrier. Apply high annuity and high income requirements of at least 250,000 RM. Standard Chartered WorldMiles is one of the clearest credit cards on the market.

The cardholder will earn 1 mile for each RM3 issue issued locally and 1 mile for each issue of RM2 issued abroad. Quickly converting points to mileage is very attractive for last-minute flights in particular, and the quickest we got from our points was within 3 business days. What's more, we were able to get the points within 3 business day. AirAsia points can be redeemed once or twice a year.

90,000 RM per year are necessary for the application. Uncertain whether they raised the revenue requirement does not seem to be so high when we apply them. Repayment rate : 120,000 airline mileage per year can allow you to return to Europe in Business Class, even though you still have to pay the tax and tax.

Reception at lounges such as the Plaza Premium Lounges is charged at a rate of 120 RM per entrance. Free of charge entrance, no more photographing on a tough bank at the airports, but on a cosy couch that drinks ice-cold draught beers every single trip. On average, we visit the Airports Lounge 30 days a year, all free of charge.

Hilton & Starwood hotel room updates bring you easy access to Hilton & Starwood Rooms 3oo to 800 RM per RM per overnight, whichever room you are upgrading. The most Hilton & Starwood high-end hotel up-grade also comes with Executive Lounge advantages such as Early Checks in, Latest Checks Out, Free Breakfast, All Drinks and Free High Tea & Evening Cocktails.

And if you are entitled to use all these services, why not use them in full as they are free? Given that their bank's credit cards account for 40% of this list, Maybank has certainly earned the distinction and credit for delivering some of the best credit cards for travelling in Malaysia. I hope this will help you determine which credit cards to apply for this year.

As there is no one credit or debit cards that could overwhelm another, it is better to use multiple cards to surmount the drawbacks and also to enhance and minimize the advantages of each during your outings. However, please review the annuities (call the Cardholder's Centre to remit the annuities, it will work 100% for us if there are sensible expenses for your card) and be disciplined about the expenses to prevent debts from being incurred.

With these clear annual statements and advice on credit cards, we are hoping that with these clear annual statements and advice on credit cards, bankers will place more emphasis on improvising their offers rather than tampering with the general community with deceptive advertisements that describe their cards as perfect maps, but in fact hardly scratch theirs. As an example, Free Airport Lounge Access was mentioned in the advertisements, but only twice a year in the general business policy, which is laughably pointless for us.

Finally, we note that some credit cards are often lowered by some credit cards after a certain amount of time they have introduced the credit cards. I' ve met older folks who tell airportllounges that the credit card vendor explained to them that they can access the Lounge for free so they apply the ticket, but if they really fly, the benifits will no longer be available as it has been downgraded. Now, if they do fly, the ticket will be valid for a few days.

The Alliance Bank Visa Infinite Card has lowered its advantage of the Limited Priority Pass to RM300,000 necessary to gain entry to the unrestricted area. SUCCESS us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest trip advice, upgrades & promotion! When there are Singaporian reader who are interested in the top 10 credit cards in Singapore, just post a note below, I could begin to analyze them.

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