List of Direct Payday Lenders

Direct payday lenders list

Payday direct lender & installment loans. An UK payday lender who brings you instant payday loans online and installment loans.

These are the following lenders with whom we do not cooperate:

Check Payday Lenders - Click here to view a comparative chart of lenders with loans totals and payback conditions. Below is a list of some of the lenders we work with and how we are compared with them. The Wageday is a direct creditor with whom we cooperate and which was founded in 2004.

With Wageday you can rent from 80 to 750 pounds of flexibility lending. We work with Lendingstream, a direct creditor and one of our biggest lenders. The Lendingstream range provides flexibility lending from 100 to 1000 for up to 6 month. Lendingstream gives you the opportunity to repay your mortgage early. We work directly with QuickQuid, a creditor, and one of our biggest lenders.

£1000 per annum. You can get a £1000 per annum mortgage from your local bank. Small sizeable repayments are made on the basis of client wishes. Request a credit from us and you can get a sat-suma and other credit facilities. Pixel Mortgages provide short-term mortgages from 150 to 1000 and can be lent for 1 to 3 month.

Request a Pixie mortgage and receive other mortgage payment opportunities. The Ferratum range offers short-term mortgages from 50 to 300 and can be rented for 7 to 37 workdays. Request a Ferratum mortgage and receive other lending opportunities.

The Peachy range offers short-term credit from 50 to 700 and can be lent for 15 to 12 weeks. Request a Ferratum mortgage and receive other lending opportunities. These are the following lenders with whom we do not cooperate: In addition to short-term payday mortgages with a maturity of up to 34 trading days, the Company offers a range of highly versatile option contracts for 3 and 6 monthly periods.

The biggest British creditor, Wonga, is now in administrative management.

You can find a payday / short-term lender in our A-Z index.

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