List of Documents needed for Mortgage Loan

A list of the documents required for the mortgage loan.

A copy of the Portuguese tax number. Address proof (copy of the last electricity bill) Credit information. Current valuations of all investment portfolios. Exact amount depends on your circumstances and the loan amount. Preliminarily withdrawn payday loans.

Adequate ID

In order to make the job interview procedure faster and easier* for you, we use technologies to conduct cost-effective audits to try to quickly trace your business use. When your request has been processed quickly, all you need to do is provide a passport and a letter of identification from the list below:

Identification - preferably a driver's license or your own valid ID. If, for any reasons, we are unable to quickly follow up your loan request, you will need to provide your last two account statement (s), a proof of your identification and a proof of your adress.

Identification - ideal: driver's license, valid travel document or credit cards. The documents we have accepted below are fully featured, but if you have any further questions, please go to a shop or call our Customer Relations Department. Instead, if you do not have any of the above options, we will allow two distinct elements from the list below.

Kindly be aware that Universal Credit is not suited to provide evidence of your adress.


Applicants must present a Document of Identification (ID) and a Document of Adress (POA) as well as an Supplementary ID or TOE from the list below. If you have recently gotten married and have not made the appropriate changes to your documents, please enclose your wedding certificates. A personal identity:

Verify address: 1. Proof of identification and validation of addresses cannot come from a single supplier. 2. Temporary old-style driver's licenses shall not be permitted. Records of the current postal addresses must also be provided.

Identification for financial applications

The purpose of ID verification is to make sure that the individual using the funding facilities is who they claim to be and to protect them from deceptive uses and even malpractice. When verifying identity, the claimant must provide 3 types of decent identity card and evidence of adress. You will find the permitted blanks that can be used on a list divided into 2 parts.

Often identified as ID and the verification of the adress is called point of arrival (POA). For a complete list of the elements that can be used for the ID, see below, along with its expiration date. In the case of common declarations, utilities invoices and account statement in common name may be used by both claimants to comply with identity and laundering obligations.

What makes ID and laundered cheques so important? Protecting against identity thievery and money Laundering is becoming increasingly important. Creditors, lawyers and financial intermediaries must require ownership when setting up any kind of financing facilities. It is not only a question of protecting oneself against scams, but also of fulfilling legal regulations, in particular the protective measures against cash flow spills.

Non-compliance with AML regulations can lead to heavy penalties and even the forfeiture of commercial licenses. It is therefore a necessary part of the financing procedure and abbreviations cannot be made even if you are known to the creditor, lawyer or agent who deals with your establishment.

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