List of Private Mortgage Insurance Companies

Private mortgage insurers list

Unparalleled Guernsey and Jersey insurance, loans and mortgage products from independent financial experts you can trust. Mae Fannie announced that the pilot of mortgage insurance for companies will be paid. Fannie Mae on 10 July launched the Enterprise paid mortgage insurance (EPMI) scheme, which provides an alternate to the traditional borrower-paid mortgage insurance and lender-paid mortgage insurance of private mortgage insurers. EPMI will allow creditors to grant Fannie Mae a credit with a loan-to-value ratio of more than 80 per cent without private mortgage insurance purchased by the creditor, as long as the creditor will pay a rate adjusting charge at credit line cost.

EPMI's options would then provide coverage for the credit under a forward insurance policy purchased by Fannie Mae. Mae would also be in charge of the submission of insurance cases and the implementation of quarterly reports. Participants may start granting EPMI credits to Fannie Mae on or after 1 August.

Mortgages lenders want to be called on the building insurance!

I had to endorse a statement in my mortgage request that I will cover the real estate (of course - no problem) and make sure that the lender's interest in the real estate is noted on the insurance policies. I tried a few insurance deals on-line and none gave me the opportunity to name a creditor on polixy even though I said "mortgage charged" - and just phoned one of them to see if I could comment that creditors are interested in ownership; they said that they have a corporate policy not to name creditors on insurance policies and that I am no longer obliged by law to do so.

The problem is that I have entered into an arrangement saying that I will do it and do not want to lose the mortgage. Help?? to say - since the regulations seem to have done away with this (see below), does anyone know of any insurance companies that still offer this one?

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It started as a broker and referred Channel Island clients to other banks. Opened in 2000, our Jersey office offers a range of retail financing and insurance solutions to suit the needs of all Channel Islanders. Today, the firm has grown into a fully fledged provider of full range financing solutions, often providing a greater product diversity than would normally be found in a high street banking establishment.

One of the leading Channel Islands providers of investment banking solutions, we entered the Isle of Man in 2016 as part of our strategy for expansion. Proud to develop Iceland's own product, not only off the peg, but also well-researched and affordable product with a high level of client care that always comes first.

To the extent that our commitment to providing our domestic markets with a range of pioneering finance solutions has resulted in a number of solutions that also attract UK clients.

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