Loan against Land Property

Loans against real estate

Housing development Financing - Housing construction loan No matter whether you are constructing your first individual property or move into a following large apartment construction project, we have the immediate expertise to find you the ideal financing contract for your individual property. With our highly skilled staff, we can help you prepare a financing schedule that takes all contingencies into account and then finds the best creditor for your needs.

Everybody in the house construction industry knows that the right builder will help your project run smooth from the very first moment and prevent problems later on - and we have the expertise to find your ideal financing partners. What will be the structure of a housing developments business?

There will be an upfront call on most developer transactions to buy the land / property and then a range of incremental calls during the course of deployment. Although every business is different, we can do the following: What are dwelling property redevelopment deals like? As soon as you are satisfied, we will work with you to supply the creditor with all the extra documentation he needs and work with all the experts concerned in the operation, such as lawyers, verifiers, experts, environment experts, etc.

Our greatest strength is that we know how to handle these specialists in order to solve the problems that will arise again and again in order to guarantee a quick handling of the affairs. During the entire duration of the investment process, we will provide you with advice and make sure that the financing packages run as planned.

interim financing

We arrange bridge financing for property owners up to 25 million with full front office coverage to ensure borrower's get the best interest rate. Bridge Credit is a short-term loan that is usually backed against property or land for a maximum of 24 month. Bridge credits are usually available for up to 75% LTV (even if they are bought below fair value) and there are no early repayment fees for bridge credits.

Bridge credits are flexibly structured and Vision Finance will work with the creditor and the debtor to best structurise the loan. However, this cannot involve advance payments and redemption plans, inclusive of the fact that no interest is due until the due date of the loan. Real Estate Restructuring - Tradicional (i.e., high street) creditors are still negative about restructuring credits and often take far too long to authorize a loan.

Fractured real estate supply chains - A customer wants to buy a new property but is still in the middle of trying to sell his current one. An interim loan allows them to safeguard the new property before their current property is sold. A bridging loan can be granted against the newly acquired property or other property of the debtor.

Sometimes 100% of the loan can be taken out to ensure your customer's new property. Borrowers will often take out bridge loans, renew the leasing contract, and then refinance with a conventional creditor. Debt Funding - Please click here to find out more about the funding options Vision finance provides property development companies.

Click here to find out more about Vision Finance's guidelines for purchasing at auctions. Building Permit - Short-term bridge loan protected against land or property. Borrowers receive the plan and later procure development finance or sell it at a higher value and repay the loan. Bridge providers must ensure that the borrowers have a clearly identified exit strategy.

This means that the debtor has a scheme that ensures that the bridge loan is paid back within the term of the loan (i.e. within 12 or 24 month, according to the lender). As a rule, creditors must provide evidence of the resources needed to finance the development of the property.

Talk to one of our consultants on 0207 206 2500 to find out how you or your customers can profit from the various interim financing options. You can also send an e-mail to the team.

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