Loan against Loan

Loans against loans

Gold, silver, platinum and other bullion lending This is a measure of 24 units of 24 pure karat, with each karat showing 1/24 of the total. In Great Britain typical golden jewelry is 9, 18 and 22 ct. If we look at any kind of object that contains bullion, we look at the percent of bullion within a particular slice with respect to the bullion trade day rate.

Every coin of bullion must have a value of at least £5,000. There is a £10,000 loan requirement for bullion. There are a number of ways you can bring your bullion to us: This means that your bullion is safe from the minute it exits your hand until it is given back to you safe and sound once your loan is monetized.

Your minimal assurance is the value of your wealth; never less, often more. Once your bullion reaches our evaluation center, it is treated under CCTV, given a unique ID number, and photographs taken. Whilst your bullion is with us for both the rating and the term of the loan, it is held in our high security safes and is fully covered up to its current value.

If your bullion is with us, it is protected and specially cared for. Our experts will talk to you about the state of your items during the first valuation of your bullion. In addition, your bullion will be photoed upon arrival and placed in our own room or one of our partner's high security safes.

Once your return is complete, your bullion will be given back to you with a bag or gift bag to take with you if required.

Loan Against Jewelry - Loan Against Currency Your Piece Of Jewelry

A trustworthy, long-standing pawnbroker in the main streets, we can provide you with immediate money for your goods. As an alternative, you can also just yourselves just yourselves to earn money in an uncomplicated and rapid way. Buy your jewelry and provide an uncomplicated and speedy deal. Contact us to learn more.

Prestige evaluates your goldsilver or Platinum jewelry by phone and can immediately provide you with a revolving credit on the basis of the value used. Or, deliver your item to us and we will make you an instant loan quote or by sending your item to us free of cost with free coverage by ordering a Royal Mail Freepost envelope.

As soon as you have approved Prestige Pawnbrokers' loan proposal, we can immediately make a payment in the form of money or another prearranged payment to you. It has a credit period of up to seven month with a one-off redemption at the end of seven month. We do not have any montly payment and nothing to be paid until the end of the credit period.

However, you can repay the Prestige Pawnbrokers loan at any point during the seven month period just by repaying the amount of the loan and the interest due. If you repay the loan before the end of the loan period, there are no prepayment penalties and no prepayment penalties.

In addition, the Prestige pawnbrokers calculate interest only for the time in which the loan is overdue, e.g. lend the funds for only one month - just paying one monthly interest. Rent the monies for two moths - just get two moths interest and so on. All your belongings will be kept fully insured in our safe deposit boxes until the loan is fully paid back, due at any time within seven calendar years.

In order to get an immediate loan for your jewelry today!

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