Loan Application for House Renovation

Application for a loan for the renovation of houses

Request a personal secured homeowner loan online: Real Estate Renovation Financing - Hunter Finance Our financing services are tailored to the needs of renovation and building owners. The Hunter Group is a privately owned lender with nearly a ten year track record in the real estate sector in the South East of England. "I' ve used Hunter Financial on several opportunities. Whats a real estate renovation?

Renovation includes the modification and improvement of an existent structural design as well as redesign, conversion and renovation. Renovation can range from smaller construction projects to the complete renovation of dilapidated structures such as sheds. As an expert in the South East real estate sector, Hunter Finance can help you to maximise the return on your renovation work.

To see if you are eligible for financing, click here. Which financing possibilities do you have for your renovation work? Request a loan. Please be aware that if the refurbished property is to be used by the client, it will be subject to the FCA. Every application is examined on a case-by-case one.

At Hunter Finance we offer housing finance solutions that may be appropriate for your renovation work. Please call us on 01825 749721 to discuss your construction projects with our finance team. We offer lending for all kinds of renovation and redevelopment of real estate in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Oxfordshire and London.

house renovation loan

It is almost Christmas, the season that generates more demands for the avarage home than any other. Even if you've been economizing for weeks, from giving presents to eating and drinking, it can still seem like your cash never goes far enough. A PCCU home renovation loan is a good option, especially if you want to give your home a little extra touch for the celebrations.

When you have a relative for a Christmas meal or may be staying longer during the celebrations, a renovation loan can really help you set them up in a stylish way. While such objects did not seem feasible during the Christmas season, a renovation loan allows the redesign of the environment without affecting the remainder of the expenses.

While there is no lack of financiers in the main streets or other shops providing cash, a loan from the PCCU provides several benefits. There is no need to generate dividends for our stockholders or give bonus payments to our executives, so we are able to provide the kind of low interest rate you would find difficult to achieve anywhere else.

We will only loan you what we believe you can afford to repay, on refunds that we believe you can make, and a portion of each and every purchase will flow into your life saving so that you build it up at the same moment as you repay the loan. With a PCCU home renovation loan, you can help make your Christmas a memorable experience without having to fear having to make inappropriate returns and incur high interest charges at the beginning of the new year.

When you are working on your Christmas wish lists, think only of what else you can afford to include with an acceptable loan from an ethics creditor like PCCU.

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