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Are there real customer case studies? Adhoc Finance for Companies The customer contacted ASC to organize the camp financing. You had already had a financing proposal through another brokers, but were not satisfied with the interest rates or charges. The interest rates were reduced by over 4% and the processing charge by 4,000 by dealing with the same creditor on the customer's name.

We' ve been arranging 100,000 in working money for a client' s deal. Talked to his own local financial institution, which wanted to do this by funding part of its housing construction portfolios. A £330,000 loan was agreed to help a long-established retailer refinance its current debts and provide extra funding to change the company's name.

We were able to re-finance a recently renovated Bradford facility so that our customer could buy their affiliate out of their Bradford retailer. ASC assisted a customer to buy an asset for £475,000 with an established long-term lessee from a receiver. ASC assisted our customers in purchasing a Bed and Breakfast in Devon, which has been shut down for over three years.

During the time when a hygiene specialist was looking for financing to buy the dentist's office where he worked, ASC Financial for business was able to organize a financing of 210,000 pounds over 15 years. £90,000 was collected for an Africa food shop to own the adjacent space where the customer could move her out.

In addition, we were able to set it up through the state's EFG system, which meant that the customer did not have to foot any charges from the creditor. One customer who was running a developer financing program turned to ASC Financial for Business after he was disappointed at the last moment by a creditor. As a result, they were able to repay their own bank current credit, which was cancelled, and borrow extra funds to support the company's growth.

Ad ASC Finance for Business provided 120,000 in GBP for a first builder's loan for the purchase of a piece of real estate from his own backyard. The ASC Finance for Business was able to raised 450,000 pounds to fund a refinancing loan from a local government institution and to provide extra funds for building owners to obtain an apartment building as an asset.

By selling 5 of the 10 apartments on long lease contracts, the re-financing allowed them to retain ownership of the 10 apartments and the 5 apartments left. ASC has recently collected 202,000 in funding for a local charcuterie to open an extra store to extend and broaden its operations.

The ASC arranges 215,000 in financing for a law practice which, as the current tenant, wanted to acquire ownership of its own work. Would you like to buy a mail? Recently we have collected 154,000 for lessees to acquire the ownership of their postal buildings and the adjacent cottage. The ASC successfully arranges financing of 730,000 to pay back a promotional loan for a ten dwelling unit.

ASC was retained by an incumbent customer to fund an unsecured condo portfolio with 70% LTV on a 20-year amortization-base. Although ASC was rejected by her bench, she helped the proprietor of a takeover store purchase ownership of her space by providing a loan of £150,000 at an LTV of 75%.

The ASC supported a customer in rescheduling his dancing salon and raised 119,000 pounds to reimburse the outstanding loan and another 30,000 pounds for renovation work - all with the same amount of money they had previously paid out. Would you like to make less payment for your present financing agreement? Recently, ASC Financial supported a soccer team in improving the conditions of its present credit.

Adorers of the ASC's 315,000 fund collected for an arquitect and his wife to buy and fix a home that stands in a very attractive location in Kent town. Arranging 127,500 for a customer to buy the ownership of the business they had leased over the last 5 years in a small Yorkshire town, 100% of the sale value, we used the capital on a buy-to-lease as extra collateral.

The ASC assisted a Gurkah who left the army to save 105K to buy a dry-cleaning and laundry shop in North Yorkshire despite a lack of expertise. To facilitate the growth of its operations, ASC arranged a 65,000 pound factory line of credit for a landscape equipment wholesale company. There were two brethren who were partner in a company.

A landlord, with the help of ASC, bought a real estate at an auctions using interim financing. North Wales customers, who had a sizeable real estate portfolios, had bought building plots and needed 200,000 pounds to construct a detached home and resell it for 450,000 pounds. ASC has successfully brokered 100% financing of 265,000 for a client and his spouse to buy and refurbish a buy-to-lease home.

A £160,000 loan was agreed for a single customer who wanted to fund their current mortgages and loans and make some adjustments to their properties. Talk to the ASC, get the finances you need and make your ideas come true! Just helping a customer fund an outstanding loan to generate extra funds for his company's growth.

A satisfied customer, a prosperous company! We know the creditors and have arrange the financing for our customer to extend his dentist office and employ more people. Our funding has been used to help a community tree planting company grow its operations to meet growing demands. Rely on ASC to find your financing.

£700,000 for a customer to extend their vinyl pop-up store and open 2 new shops with extra personnel and inventory. Further samples of grants organised by us can be found here. The financing was agreed for an architectural firm that is relocating its office to a London office.

The financing of a nursing home has been agreed, which is to be expanded to meet the rising demands of the population. We' ve just £550,000 set up for a customer to buy and refurbish a guest house. We' ve provided 950,000 to fund a small Gloucester resort. ASC arranges 175,000 pounds for a company to buy property to grow.

We' ve collected 800,000 pounds for a builder to drive a new housing complex forward. The work is proceeding well and the loan will be reimbursed soon. £425,000 to allow a dental office to buy new devices for a second outlet. £78,000 to help buy property for the expansion of a dog handlers and security services company.

A £725,000 commercial loan is arranged to help our customers buy a 72.5% home at 3.5% above the bank's basic interest rates. £350,000 mortgages were taken out for a twinning buy-out, with financing secure against the customers' minisupermarkets!

950,000 pounds collected to fund a small Gloucester resort. 770,000 pounds were collected in order to enable longstanding builders' retailers to acquire ownership of their current facilities. Eighty-six per cent of the sale value (£590,000) was saved for our customer to acquire ownership of his offices. Our customer had unsuccessfully negotiated directly with his local branch, and ASC was able to obtain the 350,000 loan needed to buy a Motel/Car Wash surgery.

£950,000 was collected to buy and refurbish a home for sale. The firm secured financing for a £1/4 million to construct an additional building to support the growth of its operations.

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