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The Flexipay is an innovative credit card and a good alternative to bank accounts, debit cards and overdrafts. Request the prepaid card and start issuing today. One account to display your credit card.

Loan card no options? Submit an application to QuickQuid

Loan card or payment advance from your card may not be your only way to get funds if you are in need. If you need quick change, you have several choices. A few folks turn to card borrowing to get real estate. QickQuid has a payment date loan service where you can lend small amounts from 50 to 1500.?, which can be lent at shorter notice and paid back with your next paycheck.

It is sometimes easy to need clothing or utensils for work when the next pay day is just too far away. You can apply for our credits around the clock, 365 a year. This means you can get money when you need it, and our support staff are available seven and a half hours a day to answer your loan queries.

You also know that, like any type of loan, payday loan should be used in a manner consistent with responsibility. Our credit program is designed to give our clients the opportunity to obtain the resources they need to help them in a challenging economic environment. QuickQuid's short-term mortgages are an alternate to logs and door step mortgages and can help you meet the emergency payments that sometimes occur in your lifetime until you get your next payroll.

MasterCard Flexipay - The Flexible Credit Card

Flexipay Card is an innovating and efficient financing option for companies that fits well into your pocket. Just request the MasterCardĀ® card and begin purchasing immediately. Flexipay Card is an innovating and efficient financing option for companies that fits well into your pocket. What can I do with Flexipay?

Flexipay can be used wherever MasterCard card acceptance exceeds 35 years. The MasterCard Acceptance Mark can be used to make withdrawals from ATMs around the world. Issue at any retailer, vendor or eatery that will accept the MasterCard card. You can use the card to make purchases on-line or pay by telephone.

We offer a pre-paid card for all types of new and existing businesses, as well as start-ups that require a versatile funding and paymentsolution. In order to be eligible for a Flexipay card, you must fulfill the following criteria: Flexipay is unfortunately not available to retailers, but is available for any kind of corporation with only one trade date, and information on registering with Companies House can be found on the gov. uk website.

We have designed Flexipay for our clients as affordable as possible, with many free features. The interest rate starts at 1.5% on the amount remitted and is adjusted to each shopkeeper. Submit your application in just five moments and one of our account executives will keep you up to date on every move.

Once authorised, you have immediate purchasing power via your on-line card gateway and your card will be delivered within 7 to 15 workingdays - free of cost. We will also send you a finance quote that will be transferred directly to your Flexipay card. As soon as the card is pre-loaded with the authorized finance amount, you can use it immediately to make payments for goods and purchased goods and purchased products on-line and at the mall.

Unless otherwise indicated, the information on the Website is not meant to be, and does not represent, law, accounting, commercial, finance or any other kind of consulting or service. The MasterCard is a registred brand of MasterCard International Incorporated. Cardholder is a Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd ("WDCS") issuer under a MasterCard International Inc. licence.

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