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That's why it's worth knowing about the Eligibility Checker - a sophisticated tool that's completely free to use and keeps your credit rating intact. Having such a large selection of lenders and loans to choose from, one of the challenges can be to decide which lender best suits your requirements. Take advantage of our authorization check utility - and find the best credits and credits.

Strong rivalry among lending institutions has led to falling interest levels on consumer loans and longer, interest-free lines of business on consumer cards. In order to be acceptable for these increasingly interesting loan offerings, you need an outstanding reputation. Fifty-one per cent of winning candidates must be qualified for the key interest rate advertised by vendors, which means that very many individuals are rejected for the business they are looking for or less competitively priced interest rate per annum is available.

Failure to know what your rating is and your claim will be denied may further harm it. That' s why it is worth knowing about the Eligibility Checker - a sophisticated free utility that keeps your credibility up. In this section we describe what the authorization checker is and how to use it.

The way the authorization check works depends on whether you are requesting a loan or a major loan. When you apply for a loan: When you apply for a major loan: Click on the "Find a card" link on our website. The suitability tester is a really useful instrument - but it is only an indicator of acceptability and NOT an unshakeable warranty.

We are working really hard, but not all vendors have declared their willingness to participate in the Authorization Checker. But as long as you keep this in the back of your minds, the authorization checker could still help you find the right loan or the right credential without affecting your credibility.

Authorization check | Credit cards & loans

Which is the authorization? You are entitled to know how likely it is that you will be accepted for a particular loan transaction on the basis of how your loan information meets the lender's requirements. Creditors will not directly communicate their requirements to you, so in the past you may have actually had to request a loan just to find out if you are entitled.

Disadvantage of this is that requests for loan leaving a tough loan quest on your loan history, the lender can see. Think about it, we are a loan intermediary, not a lender?. That means we can help you find business, but we don't make loans available and we don't determine whether or not to authorize you.

What is the calculation of my suitability assessment? Their suitability assessment is computed by comparing your information with the lender's own credentials. There are things in your loan reports like: Which are the lender's criterias? That is what creditors want to see with a client in order to authorize them for the loan. Your requirements may differ depending on the type of borrower and business.

On what do the creditors pay attention? If you are applying for a loan, creditors will examine whether you fulfil their requirements by looking at various different elements - these may involve the following: Where can I view my authorization for credits and charge cards? When it comes to a loan you are looking for, you need to know how long you want to lend it, how much you want to lend and what you want to lend it for - e.g. a vacation loan, a marriage loan, a home improvement loan or a auto loan.

How do I assess my suitability? That figure is the probability that you will be acceptable for this loan transaction - the higher it is, the better your odds are. They can also see a pre-approval tag - this is the best admission score you can have. This means that if you are applying for this business, you should be eligible at the prices indicated.

So you can search for appropriate offers more quickly, and you don't spend your valuable resources trying to apply for a loan you're less likely to be eligible for. However, if you only apply for a voucher that you are more likely to get, you do not have to use a scatter gun attack - that means fewer requests and fewer markers in your review.

What can I do to increase my credibility? So the best way to enhance your suitability review is to make yourself look better to creditors.

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