Loan for Homes

Loans for flats

Request a cash loan and make a first decision in a few minutes. There are no setup fees, no hidden costs and a fixed interest rate, so there are no surprises in your monthly budget. Like the name suggests, a fixed-rate mortgage is one where the interest rate on your home loan remains the same throughout its term.

Would you like up to 750 in local currency?

Affordable, that is. The loan periods are 24-week, 33-week or 45-week. Would you like up to 750 in cold drinks? Have your kind locals come to your home to help you find out what you can afford and provide a loan of up to 750 pounds per annum, provided it is affordable. So we can often say "yes" where others say "no", and then help you select a loan that suits your personal situation.

We will always be listening, even if your conditions should deteriorate, and will not bill you for any additional costs.

Cooperation with microfinance institutions: Credits for the impoverished

Working with tens of MFIs around the world, we use our MicroBuild microcredit funds and the knowledge we put at their disposal to help as many as possible. Microcredits help us to help households and municipalities combat house shortages. Microcredit is an important instrument of social inclusion: it gives the poor the opportunity to gain recourse to finance.

More than 800 million slum dwellers and 40% of the populace in less than $2.50/day - that's a large number of individuals who often don't have bankers. Conventional house building is just not an economically viable option in many poor nations - not even for the lower classes. The microfinancing of residential space is an instrument for helping households to progressively upgrade their quality of life.

With microfinance it is a good way to make very small credits (e.g. 5 or 50) available to the world' s very poor. Exactly how we go to the banks to lend, except this case it's a charity loan. Our only goal is to minister to more and more souls.

Rather than granting microcredits ourselves, we work with our own banking counterparts. Whilst our affiliates grant credits, we train house owners in fiscal accountability and the management of their credits. It is not the shortage of flats that is a common concern in many emerging markets, but the deterioration and decline of the population.

Microcredits help to resolve this problem by progressively upgrading households. The MicroBuild Fund uses the funds in a 1:10 proportion and ensures sustainable development by providing financial aid to partners and host communities. Each 50 pounds we get can help a whole host familiy or an estimated 5 persons with better accommodation and equipment.

That means that on a larger scale: 50,000 would allow 1,000 homes to receive do-it-yourself loan that would support over 5,000 individuals. 10,000 would allow 200 homes to receive do-it-yourself loan that would support over 1,000 individuals. More than $50 million in accessible funding has been made available to help more than 50,000 needy homes in 30 different nations.

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