Loan for Real Property

Loans for real estate

For many banks and financial institutions involved in the lending business, real estate financing is the cornerstone of the loan books. In addition, we represent financial institutions and credit intermediaries in workouts, foreclosures and enforcement proceedings.

property financing

Property financing is the mainstay of credit history for many credit institutes and banking houses. Most of the real property loans to us are secured by this kind of financing, which is an essential part of our overall financing packages. Recent turbulence in the global real economy, the sharp deceleration of real property prices and the sharp depreciation of real property investments have posed major hurdles to all real property financing suppliers and investors, but the market is now showing signs of recovery.

Apart from the sharp rebound, new and legacy deals are increasingly being reviewed, with periodic reviews of in particular preconditions and suspensive terms. Made up of attorneys with expertise in refinancing, real property and taxes, our teams are able to offer a smooth end-to-end approach to the complexities of small and large credit deals in the real property industry.

More and more, our attorneys with bankruptcy and litigation expertise deal with real property financing in or near ailing states. Besides more traditional real property financing, we work in close cooperation with our fund group on the structure and launch of real property investment vehicles and their financing.

In addition, we work in close collaboration with our structured finance and securitisation group, which has worked on over sixty post-employment and post-employment mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) and CMBS mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) deals over the last few years and has a deep appreciation of the particularities of these forms of finance. Property investments are not necessarily purely asset values, and there are often significant commercial deals that underlie their value.

Our expertise includes financing all kinds of real property from large offices, retailers and residences to institutional and trophies. Our expertise is in the hospitality and recreation industry, where we have been providing advice to property and leisure companies, property managers, property managers, financiers, developers, franchisors and other companies active in these industries for 20 years, both in the UK and abroad.

Our expertise also extends to the health care industry, where, in parallel to the trade side, the transaction and underlyings are also heavily regulated. Advising a large US private equity firm on a £140 million range of financing arrangements for the acquisition of a property in the City of London.

Advising a Scandinavian banking group on its 100m? stake in a 2.4bn? syndicated finance facilities securitised for a 37 property German real property book and a 100mm stake in a 130mm pound revolving credit line for real property in the centre of London. Advising creditors on a 338m loan to a real property fund to refinance a listed beachfront property.

Advised creditor on 79m pounds priority bridging finance for the purchase and re-financing of a 100 kindergarten property book across the UK. Advised a consortium of creditors on a USD 90 million USD revolving loan syndication for the purchase, building and rehabilitation of a Dubai resort.

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