Loan Form

credit form

Please read the information sheet before filling out this form. Questions on the application form referred to in Article IX of the Rules of Procedure of the Administrative Court shall consist of the following questions:

On-line application is simple and uncomplicated:

Remember that it is imperative to enclose your memorandum and statutes / social order as we only grant credit to democratic possessed and supervised organizations. You should have the following in your businessplan: Co-operative & Community Finance carries out the company valuation. Part of this is a company tour to make the necessary decisions and a thorough review of the planning before a final decisions is made.

Complete the form below or simply fill out an online form and send it to us along with your annual budget and articles of association.

Forms and SAAS Guides

For the 2018-2019 study year, our general guidelines describe the support options for full-time HNC, HND and diploma undergraduates. The new brochure for doctoral candidates contains the financing regulations for full-time and part-time scholars. In this section, full-time scholars can browse and learn more about financing.

Also, if you have already applied for the ongoing meeting, you can use a form to request a credit for your cost of living, as well as a form to enter your home incomes or your educational and professional background if you have not included this information in your initial request.

Meanwhile, if you are a part-time scholar, you can fill out the form and attach the necessary information to submit your scholarship applications. They can also be used to enter your budget data in the form that you can use. In this section, full-time and part-time scholars can browse and learn how to support postgraduates.

If you are a full-time graduate you can also use a form to request a cost of living loan if you did not request it in your initial request. Nurse and midwife studies can here dowload the form to request a refund of the cost of clinical internships.

All full- or part-time student who have a handicap or educational difficulties will find special form for certain additional costs in the section Handicapped Student, which are incurred because they are in a course of studies.

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