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Loan limit, interest rates and costs. Interest will be charged on the loan granted under your personal loan agreement. Reimburse the loan plus interest by making regular repayments to us. If successful, the interest rate you will pay is based on your personal circumstances. There are three things to consider when applying for a loan and what is best for you when comparing loans:


Borrower with higher risks and bad creditworthiness can now count on an interest of up to 70 percent. By the beginning of the year, 74 per cent of the loans on offer had an annual percentage rate of charge of 10 per cent or less, but this had fallen to 31 per cent. However, the percentage of loans on offer had fallen by more than

It also showed how loans dry up in the midst of the sub-prime mortgage crunch, with the number of personal loans available halved in 2008. There were 105 items available in January for those who wanted to lend 5,000 pounds, but the number has since been lowered to only 57, a 46 percent drop.

An area of the lending markets that has developed and widened against the current trends is high-yield loans directed at riskier borrower groups. This study showed that lenders with lower ratings now had to select between six loans with interest levels between 14 and 24 percent and five loans with interest levels between 50 and 70 percent.

"Decembers is usually a give away period, not as it seems, but if you are a lender. "Rising joblessness makes creditors think twice before they offer cash, they are much less sure they will come back. Mr. Hugo Shaw, of the independant finance advisor Bestinvest, asked the borrower to defend their creditworthiness.

"When you need to lend some cash and have something other than an almost flawless loan record, it will be high. "When you need to lend at such high prices, make sure you do your best to repay these loans as quickly as possible.

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Lend from £1,000 to £25,000 with a cheap personal loan. And who can request a personal loan? In order to submit an application, you must be able to say yes to the following 3 statements: Where can I send my application? Now you can submit your application 24 h a day for an immediate, personalized offer immediately via the Internet.

Now you can get an immediate ruling on your credit request.

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