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Although be very careful when you get a personal loan for such a large amount as it is a big commitment. There is a large selection of loans; A simple online application; An instant authorization calculator.

Special s offers ENI Home Up Loan

At Enterprise Northern Ireland we want to give you the best chances of succeeding with your company. This is why we provide FREE assistance with your commercial plan and postal loan support when you register to receive your start-up loan through ENI. We' ve received a number of great offers that will help new businesses get all the goods and service they need to get their businesses going.

Everything from web-hosted offers to salary accounting, visiting cards design and additional help with financing is available. There are a number of offers that will help you and your company get on the right track. We are not the only ones who want to see the prosperity of companies in Northern Ireland. Getting a start-up loan through ENI is just the beginning and by access to this series of great offers you can ensure that your funds are meaningfully invested, giving your company the greatest chance of succeeding.

Click here to see what offers are available. Contact us if you think that a start-up loan from ENI will help you finance your new company.

NBD Emirates introduces Auto Loan offers for Ramadan.

NBD Emirates, a leader in the NBD area, today announces a variety of Auto Loan offers this Ramadan, beginning with the launch of the Emirates NBD Accelerator Auto Loans Program. This new offer allows clients to make lower payments per month for the original credit term, so they can buy the vehicle they want without overburdening their wallet.

The Emirates NBD Accelerator Motor Loans Program is available to qualifying clients for loans from 35,000 to 450,000 AEDs, for all car types and for all UAE car retailers. There are three options for clients to select and lower rates for the first 6, 12 or 24 month of the loan.

In this Ramadan, the UAE, the bank has entered into further partnerships with various automobile makes in the UAE to provide a 120-day first pay vacation for new credit booking and up to two suspended payments per year, among them a free postponement for current creditors. In addition, Emirates NBD credit cards allow clients to buy any vehicle of their choosing and take advantage of an exlusive offering with 0% interest on their daily payments, for up to 24 month and no charges.

It also offers preferred interest from 1.99% p.a. (3.76% p.a.) on all new car credits.

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