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We tailor our personal loan options to your wishes and needs. Any bank, building society or financing company can grant you a personal loan, regardless of whether you are a customer or not. Miscellaneous Personal Credits - Uncovered Personal Credits The interest is paid over the entire loan duration - inclusive of the option 3 month before repayment begins. Thus for a loan over 60 month (5 years) you would repay interest over 63 month, which means you will end up repaying more interest overall. M&S Bank's personal loans offer guaranteed payments over a set timeframe, making it easy for you to administer your funds.

While our lending interest Rates are competitively priced for all clients, the principal cardholders of M&S Bank Footnote 1*, checking accounts and legacy borrowers may receive an even better interest rating on select loan sums. In order to qualify for an M&S Loan you must have an annuity of at least 10,000, be UK based and 18 years of age or older.

Clients who do not fulfil our standard loan requirements may be granted a loan at another annual percentage rate of charge. It depends on your personal circumstance. Your desired loan amount and duration also influence the interest rates on offer. Personalized loan offer is an offer in your loan dossier from a financial information provider and this offer does not influence your soundness.

Can I see the amount left over from my M&S loan? When you call us on 0800 363 400, we will be pleased to tell you your credit amount left. Do I have an M&S loan in place can I borrow a second M&S loan? Optionally, you can take out a second loan or arranging a new loan that will pay back your current M&S loan and give you the extra credit you need.

How do I find my loan statement number? In order to find out your M&S loan payment, you must call us at 0800 363 400.

Administer Your Loan - Personal Loan

Well, if you banking online: It is possible to create a new payment recipient to make extra repayments to your loan. When you need to modify the name or location of your loan, there are many ways you can tell us. As you consider lending more from us, we will ask you if you want to keep or shut down your current loan during the claim procedure.

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