Loan to fix up House

Loans for the renovation of the house

Utility program for house repairs and adjustments. The financial support under the scheme may include grants or loans. Utility program for house repair and adaptation Which is the support program? Aid system is the system of nonfinancial and nonfinancial support that can be granted by municipalities for the construction of privately owned dwellings which are in a state of deterioration and/or below acceptable standards or which have to be adapted due to disabilities. Funding under the system may comprise subsidies or credits.

The nonfinancial support may comprise information, counselling and, in some cases, hands-on help for homeowners. Every municipality shall decide what type of non-financial support it grants and under what conditions. An aid programme shall not be discriminatory on grounds of old-age, disabilities, changes of gender, gestation and motherhood, racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual preference or affiliation.

Furthermore, a municipal agency may have guidelines that do not allow other forms of discriminatory behaviour. How much is available from my community? Support must be provided by all relevant agencies: Support must be provided to an individual who has received a legal decision or a work order, although this may be information, guidance and hands-on help, not funding.

In all other repair work, each community has the discretion to determine whether to provide monetary or non-financial aid. Every community must issue a declaration of support setting out what kind of funding and non-financial support is available in your region. These should be found on the website of your municipality.

Every municipality must award a subsidy to help someone fit a house so that people with disabilities have easy acces to basic facilities such as a bathroom, bathtub or shower, sinks and washbasins. The restoration of an adjusted house should also be promoted. There is a minimal amount of funding that you get of 80% of the costs that can be funded.

However, a discretionary power of a LA has the power to award more than 80% of the subsidy to someone who is not 100% legally eligible under the conditions set out in its declaration of support. Works to extend a house to offer extra housing for a handicapped individual are not eligible for legal support, except for the supply of basic equipment (toilet or bathroom).

Contact your municipal authorities to find out about any discretion available to a handicapped individual to extend their home. A municipality is illegal to set a ceiling on the costs of adaptation work that will be subsidised. A number of brochures have been published by the Government of Scotland and contain information about adapting a home for a handicapped people.

When you have received a legal order or instruction to fix, service or upgrade a real estate asset that belongs to you, the community must support you, but not necessarily financially. Instead, information, counselling and/or hands-on help may be offered. They should review the declaration of support schedule to see if they can request funding.

Municipal government has the choice of accepting or rejecting your request. Municipal administrations are not obliged to subsidise non-statutory repair and improvement work, such as the exchange of supply lines. However, they shall have the right to award a subsidy under any conditions of their choice.

Clarify with your regional authorities the conditions under which a subsidy may be available for repairs or improvements. It is described in the declaration of support outline. Once a subsidy is awarded, the municipality decides what is a fair amount of work, known as authorized expenditure.

Municipalities may fix an overall ceiling, known as the eligibility ceiling. Where can I request help with house repair or adjustments? Proprietors and possibly also lessees can submit applications for the support programme. Prior to applying, you should check your community's declaration of support to see what help is available in your area.

You should seek the help of an expert advisor at your nearest citizens' office if you wish to make any adjustments - see where you can get help.

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