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With the use of the Provident website you agree to the use of cookies. A big advantage of our unsecured personal loans is that you don't have to be a homeowner to apply. Our specialty is to help customers with bad credit and thus help them obtain financing for their next car purchase. Offers on car financing bad credit are available to UK residents even if you have previously been denied credit. CCJ's OK.

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What do you want to lend? The credit computer is for illustration only. Every credit is assigned a certain level of credit. Lending amount, interest rates and payback periods may vary according to your individual situation and our credit rating process. They may not have a long credit record, they may have failed a few payment transactions, but never failed or had a CCJ.

If you have a brief credit record, you may be in arrears with your debts, or you have defaulted on paying back debts in the past.

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Our most favourite personal credit for members for example has interest rate of 2% per annum or 26.82% annual percentage (APR) for loans up to 2,000 and only 1% per annum (12.68% APR) for loans over 2,000! When you have difficulty with the credit request procedure, all our employees and volunteers are ready to help you as much as you need.

ATTENTION: Adult members can only have one credit available at a given moment.

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We have the expertise and capability to help you find credit arrangements with many trusted financial institutions and alternate providers - our pleasant and knowledgeable employees will process all your requests within 24hrs. Credit professionals respond very quickly to our customers' application to ensure that we can deliver the required amount of money as quickly as possible.

From the moment you submit your request to the point of reimbursement, our professionals are committed to providing you with the professional service you would have come to expect from a company like ours. Once your request has been accepted, do not look for further credit. Provide proof that you have the ability to make refunds from year to year.

Poor loans are also available from OK Loans - these are uncollateralised and have appropriate interest and conditions. However, you must be cognizant that you may not be able to use this credit to pay off other debt as it generally does not allow for large loans. Choose your bad credit loans to adapt your circumstance today!

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