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Payment day lender worried about the increase in receivables Once a boom in the UK payday loan sector, the increase in indemnity entitlements has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Having a value of around 2 billion in 2013, the sector recently underwent a major review after the FCA introduced tighter regulations, with a maximum per day limit of 0.8% and a maximum cancellation charge of 15 pounds.

Clients who believe that they were mis-sold payday loan, now claim a reimbursement on their loan and interest on it. Lenders such as Wonga.com and The Money Shop are making an approximate comparison of 300 on averages, and the further increase in receivables will have a major influence on the further development of the sector.

What is the point of an indiviual claiming damages? The ones who apply for payday loan, who usually use the financing for contingency needs and flood it until next months. Sometimes this can appease the weakest in society, with the weakest loan history, and they have no alternate to high interest payment on their credits.

While last year 1.2 million payday mortgages were granted, there are usually around 10-15% of clients who are not able to repay them, and this will lead to cancellation charges, renewals and more interest before they are finally able to repay their loan. Ex-payday loan clients have a tough case in the case of damages if they are in arrears with their loan and were charged additional charges, but under the impression that they were not initially eligible for a loan.

In fact, two of the industry's largest lenders face so many indemnity issues that their web sites declare that they no longer offer credit. Current Wonga and The Money Shop clients, however, must still pay back their credits on a timely basis and in accordance with the initial arrangement. Both lenders cannot modify the conditions of the credit contract with their current clients - these must remain the same.

Putting more squeeze on the payday loan sector and two of the biggest actors who no longer offer credits, there is an option for an incumbent borrower to develop and become a leading player. You can also find more information on-line about cooperative banks that operate as non-profit organizations and are able to lend very small amounts of money to individual persons within their local communities and sectarian group.

Obtainable from 26% annual interest per year, it is a powerful payday loan option, although it takes about a weeks to obtain funding.

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