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They can apply for and have more than one loan at a time, but it may come to disadvantages first. Fill out the credit application form to apply for a loan with Citysave Credit Union. Applying for an innovation loan.

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In case you are already a client, you will also need your credit contract number. And if you don't have this, write AGR, then a blank followed by your date of birth DDMMYYYYYYY to 60070 from the cell phone number we recorded for you. We will send you your contract number without prejudice to the reconciliation of all your details.

When your date of birthday is 1 August 1970, write down your date of origin as EGR 01081970 to 60070. Credits can be paid back over a 13 to 52 week repayment horizon, according to the credit duration selected at the time of applying. Annual interest on a credit is limited to 1575%.

Application for a start-up loan

Prior to you starting, we make sure that you are a candidate for an interview. It looks at this point as if you are entitled to continue. In conclusion, we would like to ask you to tell us a little more about you and your company so that we can offer you the best possible level of service. They have been chosen at random to test our new on-line customer portal dedicated to improving your user experiences.

You' ve been chosen at random to test this new procedure. In addition, it enables our staff to better comprehend your needs and thus best assist and advise you.

To apply for an innovative credit line

Presenting your company in advance will help us verify that your proposed transaction fulfils our requirements and provide us with essential information about your company and your proposed expansion. That means you will not spend your entire life filling out an entire job if you are not entitled to do so. Once your unsolicited resume has successfully completed our first evaluation, we will provide you with a shortcut to our complete resume submissions.

Please use the complete request for information on your suggestion, complete with documents. If you have provided us with everything we need to evaluate your job applications, we will review it. If you do, your request will be fully reviewed within 40 business working days following your request. Applications will be reviewed:

On the basis of our examination of your request, we will submit a suggestion to the Investment Advisory Board. Any admissible motion will be reviewed by the board and you must participate in a board meeting to present your motion. Board of Directors may grant, deny, or postpone motions while searching for further information.

It may also determine the terms and condition of the credit (e.g. repayment periods).

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