Long Term Loans low Apr

Long-term loans low Apr.

Loans are ideal for anyone looking for a short-term credit solution. You can decide how much and how long you want to borrow. Affordable Neyber loans | Affordable low interest rate loans Do I have a claim on this credit? In order to be able to offer one of our loans, we must tick the box of the normal things. There are no large delinquencies;

you have not been recorded as bankrupt in the last 6 years; you have not concluded an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) / Dept Manager Program in the last 6 years; you lend for your own needs and not for commercial reasons to buy a real estate or venture capitalisation; you can request a credit between £2,000 and £25,000.

However, as with any credit, the amount of credit quoted may vary from the amount you requested according to your own particular situation. You will receive one of our APR fix interest of 3.9% (Excellent), APR 7.9% (Large), 12. Price quoted depends on your individual situation.

Once you have left your employers, we pay back any loans by direct debit. A £12 administration levy may be levied at this stage. When your new employers work with Neyber, we just deduct the wage from your new pay slip. Some loans we retain the right to make the definitive payment of the unpaid amount, but we will consult with you in due course.

Yes, if you want to repay your credit prematurely - that is fine with us. And don't be afraid, we don't bill you for early refunds. There are no setup or prepayment charges. If you are leaving your employers, we may levy an administration of £12.00 to convert your refunds to acceptance giro.

If your request is accepted after your employer's pay cut-off date, please be aware that your first refund will be postponed to the following months. We will inform you by e-mail if you are authorized. Up to £25,000 in top-up loans can be applied for. If, for example, your Neyber credit is £1,500 and you are applying for a top-up of 10,000, we will settle the £1,500 owed and ship you the rest of the 8,500.

There are no charges if you pay your mortgage prematurely, so there is no fee for taking out a top-up.

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