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Read MYJAR Reviews | Customer Service Reviews from myjar.com Acting as a conscientious creditor, we conduct a thorough solvency analysis to make sure that MYJAR loans are available to our clients. However, if the information indicates that you may already have a number of other lending facilities, we cannot provide you with a new one. You may find it useful to review the information held by the bureau to make sure that it is up to date.

In case something is wrong in your loan database, you can get in touch with TransUnion via the following website: http://www.callcredit.co.uk/consumer-solutions/contact-us. MYJAR is not a long-term financing option and over-commitment to short-term loans can lead to serious economic difficulties.

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Over three months, a prepaid credit demanded that my logbook be given back a thousand ways. I was ALWAYS informed that I would be approached, but it was a Lie. Poorest credit firm you've ever applied for. We' ve been complaining several times about the terrible client services. It is always a difficult period in your lifetime when you cannot repay your mortgage on schedule due to illness, but also be talked about as you are used to since crap without sympathy was not necessary.

In October 2014 I took out a £2015 credit. However, no one at Loans 2 go can acknowledge this for me now. Hello Peter, our staff has tried to call about this lawsuit in your bankroll. Now I can verify that they have been taken away from your bankroll, but please call our support on 0330 400 6000 as soon as possible regarding your credit to see if we can help.

Appears everyone gets replies this way I asked yesterdays for a credit line and was approved, but when it came to the card information in I couldn't find my credit card...... quickly forward 5 hours I found my credit cards so goes to advertise and I was rejected I recently talked today with the on-line help thing help to a girls named Eli and said to her, I want to approve the credit that I was getting quoted but it rejects me now I also said that I can't reply to my telephone because my spokesman was bankrupt I can't listen to you I can't reply I can't listen to you I can't reply to my telephone because my spokesperson was bankrupt I can't find my credit cards.... quickly forward 5 hrs I found my credit cards so goes to advertise and I was rejected I recently spoken today with the on-line help thing to a girls named Eli and said to her I want to take the credit that I've been quit being able to reply I can't reply to you I've been on.

Personally, I have asked for a text message or e-mail with a link that I did not receive, but this firm has called me twice, I may or may not have the credit. Come to see home, got paid the same morning, but after I had not paid my credit 7 week ago any log book letter, the bureau is shut and to get said that they have no personnel going through all the papers to return them to clients. was then said that they would refund me £25 to get a new log book from dvla...guess what nothing...avoid!!

To learn more about your experiences, please send an e-mail to ps@loans2go.co.uk. To learn more about your experiences, please e-mail our Professional Standards staff at ps@loans2go.co. uk or if you would like to continue with the loans, please call us on 03304004460 where you can talk to our staff about any additional information you may need.

Many thanks for your interest in Loans 2 Go. Hello Tudor, I can see that the credit was fully authorized soon after receipt of the additional documentation. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to send us a personal mail or call us at 0330 400 6000. Thanks for taking out a Loans 2 Go credit.

Sixty-six, to pay off the loans, is the cash I don't have. There is no proposal to assist or suspend the credit. Loans were not declared about interest rate and were not sold and lying. The interest rate is open to the general public and we declare the costs of the credit to each client before he signs his credit contract.

In the event that a client wants to pay a credit contract prematurely, he is eligible for a legal discount which would significantly lower the overall repayment amount. To learn more about your experiences, please send an e-mail to our Professional Standards group at ps@loans2go.co.uk. Hello Jonathan, many thanks for your feed back and I'm sorry to know you think that way about Loans 2 Go.

The interest rate is publicly available and we declare the costs of the credit to each client before they signs their credit contract and this is also described in detail on our pages. Remember, if you want to cancel your credit contract, all clients have a 14-day extension of time after signature.

In addition, a client who wants to pay a credit contract prematurely is eligible for a legal discount that would significantly decrease the overall repayment amount. Hello Thomas, we are sorry to tell you that you are not happy with the loans you have taken out with us in recent years. Our previous contacts with our clients are responsible to them as lenders authorized by the EZV and our staff has provided all the information you have solicited.

To learn more about your experiences or to receive more information, please resend it by e-mail to ps@loans2go.co.uk. On Saturday, 25 August 2028, I submitted a mortgage application and on Monday, the public holidays, I received the information I wanted by e-mail. Not surprising when you read other customer reviews. I will apply again when I get back from my holidays and hopefully I won't have to spend four whole day waiting for an answer this year.

I' m on vacation for ten nights, so all you can do is e-mail me. I' ve been informed by someone on your loan committee that you can't keep an open request until a Saturday weekend when I get back. I can ask our staff to call you when the work is done or send you an e-mail if you wish.

We' re open tonight until 8pm and finance loans every hour, so call us at 03304004460 or 0330 400 6000 and one of our staff should be able to help. ok for a credit, but it takes ok. ok. for a credit, if you need 1, but can take your turn.

I' m sorry to learn that you had to delay longer than anticipated and had problems getting in touch when you left this review. But as I see it now, we just autographed the credit for you on Sunday mornings. I hope this has been able to help and if you like, you are welcome to refresh your rating with any other questions/updates you may have and I will do my best to help.

Thanks again for taking out a loan with Loans 2 Go. Regarding this feed-back, I have heard that you have talked to our staff and this has now been clarified. Should you have any further question or suggestions, please call us directly on 0330 400 6000 to talk to our staff and we will do our best to help.

It' very poor quality, someone took out a credit on my behalf and I just rewrote it when I began writing about them that I owe them a lot of cash, I sent them an email and phoned them, the employees are very impolite and said to me that I had the cash and they wouldn't let me talk to the managers either, I'm smoking!

Certainly something can be done to stop these rascals, they do not carry out adequate controls of persons, where is the treaty and the treaty sign? In June, I sent you an e-mail referring to this, and I phoned several numbers to be informed that it was me who took out the credit!

I have asked our Professional Standards staff to review this and call you as soon as possible for more information. Alternatively, if you wish, please e-mail our support at ps@loans2go.co. or call 0330 400 4379 so we can keep track of this issue and help you. After all this had happened, I was informed that the request was not accepted - I was informed that I did not have the affordability of my pay - there is no place on the request to attach detail about other incomes.

This whole thing has been a real wastage. I asked one of our staff members to call you briefly to find out where the remainder of your earnings came from, as your account did not give 100% confirmation of the amount you stated on the request why it was rejected.

One of our staff members has now phoned to help you and recommended that you re-apply and give additional information. Terrible society, wasting 24 of my precious moments. Totally squandered 24 ours of my case and the end of the precise small indefinite quantity medium of exchange I person to enough the message. I walked through the city to collate the data they had asked for and then gave myself the incorrect e-mail adress.

The customer service would simply reject me and forward me to Credit, where I would have to keep pressing "2" to dial again every 5 seconds. I would check this 1 firm badge for every instance I tried to call it. Totally intolerable and made me smoke.

Contacting them via the instant messaging feature proved that someone was not communicating with me via e-mail. My e-mail has been validated and nobody has yet contact me. Certainly, the fact that I have requested a high-yield mortgage indicates its urgency, and if they cannot comply with my plea, they tell me that I am ill and make alternate provision.

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