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From at least a few months in advance, take a look at your credit rating. Trong>The black list - it's not real! We' ve all been told about it - the so-called credit black list. However, does the credit black list actually exists? We' guide you through how creditors judge you when you are applying for a loan and how you can make sure that nothing holds you back.

Black list - it's not genuine! If you have many credit requests and have been rejected by each of them, the reasons why you might think you are blacklisted will be because you have been rejected.

Now, yes, there is - but it's not because you're on a central black list. If you are applying for a loan, the creditors will carry out a credit assessment on you. That means you need to look at your credit reports. You look at all their criterias and see if you agree up to this basing on what your credit reports shows.

If you are looking at your credit report, make sure there are any apparent errors - such as when it shows you how to live at two different locations, for example. In case something is not correct, you can contact or e-mail the credit bureau responsible. You will review your request, talk to any creditor and contact you within 28 workdays.

However, keep in mind that you can only do this if there is a real bug - such as a preset that you didn't really get. Once you have received the standard setting, you will not be able to get the credit bureau to delete it. Don't be discouraged when you see them - they only last six years in your account.

So, if it's five years since your last failure, it's almost goodbye for you. So if you just had a preset, you've got a while to go. If your credit report has deleted from any failures or missed payments, you might opt to consider wanting to apply for credit again.

In this way you can see if you are likely to receive credit before you submit your application. This is because it can cause you to "desperately" look for credit, which can embarrass some creditors. If you have had trouble with debts in the past, it is really important that you are as sure as you can be that you can make refunds before taking out any more loans.

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