Looking for a small Business Loan

In search of a small business loan

Business Small Business Credits, Business Small Business Credits, SME Credits UK Ensuring financing as a small business is an ever more challenging challenge, especially when looking at conventional financing resources such as banking. Latest studies show that small businesses looking for small credits are exposed to high control and refusal by banking institutions. Studies have shown that only every tenth SME is able to obtain a loan from its own institution in the first year of trade, while every sixth is obliged to take out a high-interest, payday loan to give its small business a fresh start.

As a rule, these mortgages are paid back in the form of regular payments and are liable to the annual percentage rate of charge, interest on arrears and other commission. Not all small enterprises can benefit from this reimbursement method: some small enterprises may be temporary, which means that some are better than others. Small entrepreneurs may have difficulty repaying the firm amount during a quiet monthr.

For this reason, Liberis offers an alternate option - a Business Cashflow Advance, which is a type of uncollateralised corporate financing that means that your home will never be at stake. Uncovered corporate financing is often preferred by SME' s because they can be sure that their home is never at stake. A further advantage is the payment option for a Liberis Business revolving credit facility.

Refunds are calculated on the basis of a percent of your total cardholder income, i.e. the amount you make changes with the amount you make and never leaves you tied up for money. Further arguments why our revolving credit system is a good financing choice for SME are: the credit system is a good financing instrument for SMEs: Do you need a small loan?

Check out our Business Loan Calculator to find out what your projected returns will be and over what approximate timeframe.

Searching for small credits - ACF direct

You are a small company looking for a loan? At ACF Direct we have a small business loan book that may be right for you. With what kind of small credits are you dealing with? Perhaps we can raise funding for almost anything a small business needs.

Several of our customers have financing needs in areas such as: Cashflow smoothening; equity acquisition; business growth; construction; start-ups and seed financing; what happens if I or my company have a poor rating? As a rule, however, we will view your company with much greater interest than it has developed recently.

I have been informed that small business lending is almost unattainable in the present situation. How will it affect how much I will be paying for my loan?

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