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Poor & bad credit ratings accepted. A consolidation takes place in the banking system. Lending, however, remains sluggish, especially for corporate loans. Loans to equity capital or credit line - Consolidation of debts with equity instruments.

BT's IT arm focuses on security while Big Tech captures data and the cloud.

Bloomberg, Germany-based Thomas Seal - BT Group Plc is banking the IT industry's bright ahead on cyber security in a strategic move away from memory and cloud computing by replacing the former UK telephone franchise with Amazon. com Inc. BT Global Services' investment portfolio will now protect a corporate and government customer base from unauthorised access, said UK Government UK CEO Bas Burger in an interviewer.

"They' re better at this than we were at it, so we' re not participating in these rooms anymore," Burger said about the US big ones that now rule datastores and clamp hosted. Burgers has his work for him ahead of him. BT Global Services accounts for one-fifth of BT's revenue, but only 6 per cent of its profit, and it is struggling as consumers move away from older telecom technology.

Since then, the number of employees at our company has decreased by around 800. Researchers have been speculating that the entire sale of Credit Suisse AG's services could be undertaken in order to target the expanding airline and reduce its large cost base, which includes a large retirement gap. However, the business as a whole has been strategically important in supporting BT to remain in touch with multinational companies globally, making it difficult to move out of the broader group, Burger said.

A year and a half ago, he took over the management of the business after the disclosure of improper bookkeeping at the company's offices in Italy led to a £530 million ($690 million) write-off and an investment sale that retained one-fifth of BT's fair value. Burgers refused to gain new knowledge about the advancement of the besieged Italy subsidiary, which could be resold.

"We' ve chosen not to stress these services," said Burger - "we prefer to be connected to other people' datacenters," such as Equinix Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. He said Burger wants to concentrate energy on the 800 biggest of Global Services' more than 5,000 clients and ultimately become "an asset-light organisation.

Last months, for example, a Global Service affiliate focusing on small and medium-sized businesses in Germany was divested to Bechtle AG. Discussions over the sale of additional property are ongoing, said Burger and refused to work them out. Meanwhile, some agreements in soon obsolete telephone service will be able to run out without extension, he said. Recently, BT was in discussions with an insurrectionary in the European clamp ware industry, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Burger said that although these talks did not lead to a real relationship, they could be realized in the near term because the Hangzhou-based online empire would probably have the advantage over US competitors as an IT solution provider to China's businesses looking to grow on an international scale. BT's initial cyber security emphasis provides a niche that is largely shielded from US technology firms, the company's senior management said.

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